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  1. vVv michs09

    Meet the Staff!

    Good Company
  2. vVv michs09

    Catch your NOOB!

    cool cool
  3. Dammnnn... the sexy levels are high
  4. sweetdeal - lets do it
  5. vVv michs09

    Direction for the CoD Division

    Alright COD
  6. vVv michs09

    BenQ RL2240HE Gaming Monitor Unboxing

    Let's GOOOOO
  7. vVv michs09

    vVv Gaming Returns to Call of Duty

    UGC #leggo
  8. vVv michs09

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer released

    Hmm.. having been a TMNT fan for so many years & this really dominating my childhood (Based on the quick 1:30) preview I hope they kept a lot of this somewhat authentic.. That's for sure not how I've ever envisioned April etc..