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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
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    Chicago ,Ill
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    Gears 2 And Halo 3
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    Hamburgers mmm yummy in my tummy
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    Lil wayne,T.i/Gucci Mane etc
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    i love basketball and football but mostly the girls. but gears is my baby i care for it like my child.

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  1. EcLiPzE Jr

    o DaRK sTaR's Re-app

    Luck lol
  2. EcLiPzE Jr

    o DaRK sTaR's Re-app

  3. EcLiPzE Jr

    o DaRK sTaR's Re-app

  4. EcLiPzE Jr

    o DaRK sTaR's Re-app

  5. EcLiPzE Jr

    o DaRK sTaR's Re-app

  6. EcLiPzE Jr


    Zepplin ull make it dude know it gl
  7. EcLiPzE Jr

    Gr0d vVv application

    good luck
  8. EcLiPzE Jr

    Xylon Assassin Application

    Asassin good luck on your app even though u left the clan u still cool but everyone guess wat ............... hes beast
  9. EcLiPzE Jr

    EcLiPzE's APP

    i appreciate all of your support thanx
  10. EcLiPzE Jr

    EcLiPzE's APP

    No water: no i dont have a aim but ill make one and also my goals outside of gaming are to finish highschool and play college basketball at duke university.
  11. EcLiPzE Jr

    Aquatic Cat app =)

    good luck buddy lol
  12. EcLiPzE Jr

    Entity's GFX Position Application

    your sigs are amazing good luck
  13. EcLiPzE Jr

    Chibees vVv app

    gl dude
  14. EcLiPzE Jr

    BliiZard X Application

    gl man u tha best thanx for telling me wat gl stand for
  15. EcLiPzE Jr

    EcLiPzE's APP

    thanx all