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  1. I miss the long hours spent on here talking in the shoutbox or on mumble back in the day. I miss the gow scrims. I miss all the old friends I had met and became close with here. I don't think you and I had any personal encounters with one another, but I do understand how you feel. Maybe one day you can find that same enjoyment again through vVv like you once did.
  2. Chibees

    New promising zombie game.

  3. Chibees

    Glovers...are there any out there?

    Lol yeah it's classified as an art. It's just something I like to do, and wondered if anyone else actually mess around with gloves. Here is another vid I like.
  4. So some of you may or may not know what this is, but I just wanted to know if anyone else partakes in this little hobby I guess you could call it lol. Here is what I'm talking about:
  5. Chibees

    What is your favorite song that probably nobody has heard?

    "You Kill Me" -Paper Route
  6. Beardless and my social is being used by someone else >_>

  7. Need more influence points >.>

  8. Chibees

    Enmity's app

    Good luck man! Like Jerry said, I'm sure you won't have to much trouble gettin back in.
  9. Chibees

    vVv Gaming Releases Gears of War Team

    Ouch, well sad to see this happen, But things need to be done.
  10. You and I are gonna get it right. Don't let me go. It takes two to make a leader but one has to follow. Just help me, help me understand what we've become.

  11. Missed the match? Updates anyone? And goodluck!
  12. Chibees

    2012 Strategy

    Still sooo early in this year! I cant wait to see what it will bring us. Sad about Brawl, had to be done though :/
  13. Chibees

    vVv Gaming's eSports Survey Results

    Awesome results! Another new year with vVv!