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    Naw dont have one
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    Lets see i really enjoy playing Gears im really good at it (No Joke). outside of games i go to my local Rec. Center (Park) and i play soccer with my Friends. I also Play Halo and sometimes just play for fun.
  1. No I don't dip, but I have a banhammer you fucking useless cunt, and guess the fuck what? You stupid, un educated fucking ass is going bye, bye. Thanks for the XBL message you fuctard, I appreciate it, I'm 28, learn how to FUCKING READ. MoB LMFAO, go and kys, you are a fucking waste of life,

  2. I sent vVv Exodus a smart ass comment on XBL, not a good idea.

  3. I sent vVv Exodus a smart ass comment on XBL, not a good idea.

  4. x LeG3nD

    Count to 10,000

    38 this aint going to happen
  5. x LeG3nD


    GOOD LUCK Dude
  6. x LeG3nD

    Google vs Yahoo vs Ask

  7. x LeG3nD


    good luck dude
  8. x LeG3nD

    Grid or Forza2

  9. x LeG3nD

    LeG3nD vVv App.

    thanks guys
  10. x LeG3nD

    Halo Armor

    wow nobody has recon
  11. x LeG3nD

    Epic Fail

    thats why u had to be lucky
  12. x LeG3nD

    What about them Real Madrid?!

    wow they will be a very good team
  13. x LeG3nD

    Re-release Gears 1?

    epic wont do shit
  14. x LeG3nD

    Malicious App

    good luck man