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  1. Huge news. The most interesting thing about this to me is this part: The division will sit alongside Activision Publishing and Blizzard Entertainment as a new, third subsidiary of Activision Blizzard. Neither the company nor Sepso were willing to detail how the new division will approach its work in eSports.What Activision games will we see them create leagues for? Will it just be Call of Duty and the Blizzard titles we already expect to see in eSports? Could something like Guitar Hero end up with a competitive scene? So many questions that I can't wait to learn the answers to.
  2. Full article: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/10/07/the-hardest-songs-in-guitar-hero-live-as-named-by-freestyle-games/ Freestyle employees have named the following three songs as some of the hardest in the new Guitar Hero: Megadeth – Hangar 18Alter Bridge – Cry of AchillesLamb of God – Ghost WalkingAll three of these songs are going to be featured on GHTV. As such, we still don't know what the hardest on disk song is going to be. Any bets for a new "final boss" song similar to Through the Fire and Flame? Less than two weeks left for the full game!
  3. Sexy build. I purchased a 980ti recently as well and it's absolutely beastly. You'll have a blast with this Enjoy!
  4. Welcome back, Beast! Looking forward to seeing you around. Great to see that you're excited about the upcoming Guitar Hero: Live. Have you played the demo yet? If so, what are your thoughts?
  5. Hey Beast! Personally, I'm actually waiting a bit before buying the game. I'm hoping for practice mode / online features to be added to the game first. The lack of competitive features at the moment is a bit of a turn off for me. Looking forward to playing it with friends at parties in the future though
  6. That's by far the hardest part of the song. The chord changes are crazy too. This song has been the most fun I've had with Guitar Hero in years. Learning this new controller is going to be a blast.
  7. Played some GH:Live at a local Gamestop and managed to get this run on video. GH:L is a LOT harder on Expert than prior Guitar Hero titles. Can't wait for the full game! Stats screen:
  8. Article: Click here for the article on Vice.com Standout quote: As an experience, Guitar Hero Live is a clear statement of new-generation intent: there's no way a contemporary game that looked like its predecessors would really resonate so many years after the series' fortunes appeared to fade. While it might appear, on paper, to be a backwards step in bringing FMV to the forefront of the Guitar Hero model, stirring memories of appalling Mega-CD games, in practice it's pitch perfect, snapping you out of your play space and into the screen, onto the stage. I'm genuinely surprised at how much fantastic fun I got out of my hands-on with Guitar Hero Live, and right now, while typing this, all I'm really thinking about is how awesome it's going to be to play it again. --- Another great review. Hype intensifying!
  9. Interested in playing GH: Live? Gamestop locations with a PS4 demo are now receiving demos of the new Guitar Hero! Call your store before heading down there in person. My local store has received their demo but won't be setting it up until the end of the week. If you play the game, let us know your thoughts here!
  10. Why do I have to wait three more weeks for Guitar Hero?
  11. No need to want. It will be. Every hands on review so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Me too. So much.
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