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    Gears of War 2
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    too many to choose from =]
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    When I'm not pressed up against the tv screen playing GOW2 i enjoy listening to music while working out(although im not jacked whatsoever), going to the bball court to play ball hours on end, tackle football with friends, chillin and watchin tv at times, chatting online with my buds, and basically any other activity you can think of that has to do with hanging out with friends.
  1. aka MuT

    MuTGuNS vVv Gaming app

    haha not known enough jody,not know enough.. but thx for the support bro i love u bobby!!!!
  2. aka MuT

    Rman App

    Good luck with ur app
  3. aka MuT

    iCaspeRz vVv app

    good luck on ur app stay active add me for scrims: MuTGuNS
  4. aka MuT

    Memorable vVv App

    good luck on ur app stay active
  5. aka MuT

    Wolfenstein Screens

    i used to play the old wolfenstein for pc and was hooked on it for a while this one looks sick i should definately get it if i can get the money for it
  6. aka MuT

    MuTGuNS vVv Gaming app

    thanks for the love everyone.im finally home from my dads in texas so i will be participating on the site and xbox A LOT more so i can live up to the potential as i said i would and show the staff that im ready for my interview
  7. aka MuT

    Aftermath APP

    good luck with ur app aftermath(nice name btw)
  8. aka MuT

    ZeNTriXz vVv App

    good luck on ur app
  9. aka MuT

    JereBear vVv App

    good luck with ur app bro
  10. aka MuT

    Auhbilityz vVv App!

    good luck on ur app
  11. aka MuT

    Rman App

    good luck rman seems like u got a good rep with a lot of vVv's
  12. aka MuT

    DaFaCe's vVv App

    good luck on ur app daface
  13. aka MuT

    So Foxy vVv App

    good luck with ur app
  14. aka MuT

    vVv Devastation Places 2nd!

    Congratz on a second place finish Devastation.2nd isnt bad but youll do better next time
  15. aka MuT

    vVv Focus Places 1st!

    congrats on the first place finish vVv Focus! thats a sick looking trophy btw.so jealous lol