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  1. Chidori

    Goodbye everyone :(

    At least stick around the community as Jerry said. You never know, things may turn around in your personal life and you might find yourself back into the roots. Seem's like that always happens. Best of luck though!
  2. Chidori

    MW3 MLG weapons?

  3. Chidori

    Vote for Turtle's Essay♥

    Would be more amazing if It were to be longer. But regardless, it's still a piece of work that came from you. Good job man. Got my vote always.
  4. Chidori

    SteelSeries Announces new Black and Gold Siberias

    Grabbing these next week!
  5. Chidori

    Thoughts on MW3.

    Regardless, COD will be around. Casual players will always play it, even if the game is just utter horrible (i.e - GOW 2). I will pick it up eventually, because it does look like it plays smooth and polished. Kinda brings the COD4 feel back you know? Regardless, we'll just have to see how it plays on both ends, and how MLG looks at it.
  6. Chidori

    The Pistola Tryhard Face

    He's pissed haha.
  7. I thought it was fantastic. On each game for that matter. I may not follow SC2 seriously, but watching it pumped my body up haha. I thought all around, everything was played good. A lot of upsets.
  8. Chidori

    Gnasher or Sawed off?

    The sawed off is in the game for a reason, adapt to it, or put the controller down. Gnasher all the way, unless I have to break out the sawed off for a push.
  9. You need to see that more on every side of game. Hope it pays off!
  10. Chidori

    ESAM (SSBB MLG 2010 Pro) Sponsorship Application

    Awesome player. Saw him play throughout the 2010 Circuit. Best of luck man! I support this.
  11. Chidori

    The New Order (TNO) Needs 1

    Throw my name down. Not sure how much of a player you expect, but It won't kill me to give something a shot hah.
  12. Chidori

    A caution about weapon swaps and settings

    Once I pick the game up, I shall see how they are and test others out. Usually adapt to the basics minus one or two .
  13. Chidori

    GloryD's Re-App (Was vVv GloryD)

    You have my support (;
  14. Chidori

    Oreo's 2nd vVv Re-App

    Chill guy. Hopefully everything is all good this time around, wouldn't mind seeing a familiar face back in vVv again! Best of luck. If you haven't already, send a friend request and we can play Gears again, I'm down.