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    Dayum Doom our skins are so Kickass thats Sexyy
  2. Wut Up Guys =) Ok so if you dont live on the moon or lick brightly coloured objects, you will know Gears of War 3 has been announced and is predicted for an April 8th realease in 2011. The game details are sketchy, Epic Games have not confirmed many things at all (Shock) but they have confirmed 4v4 co-op campaign which i have to admit im stoked about. In both Gears 1 & 2 the campaign was for me extremely enjoyable, i was just a bit took away by Gears 2's multiplayer but i adjusted and played because of my passion for the series. So Gears 3 gaving 4v4 co-op is something im happy about at least if the multiplayer blows the campaign will be fun for me and my buddies to play. However some of you may not have seen the newly released trailer for it today. Its titled "Ashes to Ashes" and it is Epic. As per usual it features beautiful music to truley horrific war scenes. I wont explain to much the video is below so just watch it and then ill talk more about it below =) Done ? short right ? gets the job done well though. So what do we see that we should look at or that i enjoyed and am exctied about ? well lets start with the really nice pompeii theme that Epic have taken here. If you dont know what pompeii is, it is the dead captured frozen i animation so they look like statues made from ash. The first statue is withing the first 5 seconds and you will see them frequently throughtout the video. The figures although looking gorgeous i this trailer capture some truley horrifying poses of presumably innocent Residents of Sera trying to escape the war of the locust horde, and the trailer does a good job of showing how since the game started how consumed Sera has became with the war, Everything seems dead and lifeless. Then we see our first glimpse at a COG soldier running through the fields of the dead statues made from ash at first its unclear why he's running or who he is, but we soon see that its a very aged Dominic Santiago (Sporting a rather rugged beard) running from gunfire from locust. Dom suddenly falls to the ground and is unarmed and a huge locust roars standing over him, takes aim....The key thing for me is Doms reaction to this, as he is about to die Dom obviously isnt scared or afraid he's very placid. But unusually he looks like hes simply giving up and throws his head back to the floor accepting he is going to die. As ever though the sex god that is Marcus Fenix is on hand in the nick of time shooting the shizz out of the locust and saving his buddy. Dom again suprises me with his reaction because he looks quite angry he was saved, maybe he wants to die and be with Maria ? Within seconds we are reunited with the original Gears of War Delta members.also seeing a rather lovley Anya giving Dom a weapon whilst sporting a "Peundulum" Lancer (A Lancer editioned to soldiers during the Pendulum Wars on Sera a fight between humans for Sera's emulsion). We also see Baird who in my opinion seems to have aged the least out of the characters. Augustus "Cole Train" Cole sporting a gansta bandana having aged a little himself. My opinion on the first glimpse of the new characters is <333333. I love when a game series is created and as the series matures and grows as it ages title after title, the characters do too. i think it really brings home how long the series has been around us all. Im a huge fan of the new looks the characters have got and i also think on a side, it may be a way of showing how badly the war has effected them and their outlook on the war and life itself. I think thats why Baird has hardly changed at all, he's always been the smart-ass glass half empty guy whos out look is generally never positive. Hence why Dom has aged the most or the worst out of the group. When he was searching for Maria he had a want to surivive and wint to find and win her back, that was his drive and passion to carry on, when he found Maria and the tragedy became reality, his drive and want to survive has just diminished and i think thats why he has aged as he has and why in the trailer he seems to want to die. Marcus as ever just looks like a BOSS and is still sporting his bandana, if anything it seems he has just either gotten fatter or more built im not sure. Marcus still has alot to play in the story line with his father Adam Fenix and i think the drive to kill and be a soldier drives him only half as much as his curiosity to find the truth. Cole has also opted for Marcus's legendary bandana, maybe hes a little gray up top ? maybe he wants to show hes still the young "Cole Train" as he was when the series started and his want to win the war is as much as his want to win finals in the Football teams he used to play for. Moving forward again in the trailer, we see a new face well ... sort of. A huge arm or tentacle comes out of the ground and pimp hands a locust drone mid fight, leaving the Locust stranded shooting at both Delta and the ill call it Karken thing for now, appreantly Epic say this is a neutral enemy that both locust and COG fight against. Maybe a Locust & COG alliance is on the cards ? maybe but i doubt it. either way the owner of the kranken tentacle seems HUGE and they look what could develop into a formiddable enemy in Gears 3. Remember the Shire's ? the spongey fucking things you fight for an entire level in Gears 2 ? the tentacle armed things that kick your godamn sheilds down in horde and do not die easily ? i think it may be an offcut of that they sport the same features, lets hope their not such a bitch to kill. Overall im stoked, i loved the trailer and the subtle introduction to the new characters looks, the new enemy and the cheeky look at a new weapon (The double barrell Shotgun) epic have said it isnt going to replace the gnasher but both will feature in the new title. Let me know if you agree or disagree guys or if i missed anything. Roll on April 8th 2011 !!!!
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    Top Gaming Events of 2009!

    LOL if these happened.....id actually not shout at all online anymore Darkie you are a true god =D
  4. Shluu

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360)

    great articel multiplayer does need work though, but all games ae improved after release anyways so
  5. Shluu

    Why Skill and Achievement is not Enough

    Great read Darkie, i was once like this makes you wonder how much of a dick wanting to win can make you, hopefully more people will realise that the way forward is to think in the same way as you darkie. then eSports will be a far far better place to game
  6. Shluu

    Don't Buy Into the Hype

    your bloggs no matter how good i expect them o be are always better i completly agree with the way you explain this...and tbh this is what destroys the fun nowadays people expect everything to be so amazing because of "hype" if theres an ounce wrong with them their considered terrible and passed aside
  7. Shluu

    Notable Games of 2009...That I've Played

    AC2 was an amazing title Darkie Sad to hear about your Employment Chin up Its 2010 new decade and new year im sure your pockets will get Heavy as the year progresses =D
  8. Shluu

    Darkie's Fire Side Chat

    Great Article Darkie your passion for vVv is just amazing keep these coming your work is a huge love of mine on this site =D
  9. Shluu

    January 2010 Gaming Preview

    great preview Dakota i cant wait for bayonetta and assasins creed 2 DLC looks amazing
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    nice pic...i dont think you need to retake it nude to win but you do have to be nude for the whole shower thing to work......you may wanna check that out =)
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    Darkie's Holiday Gift Guide 2009!

    great gift ideas ilove it great read nice one darkie