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  1. Shluu

    Fake People

    You know what i hate ? People who make dumb threads.
  2. Shluu

    Osama Bin Ladin is dead!

    Although 1 life cant make up even a tiny amount of the 300 plus he left in his wake. The ugly man with a beard is finally gone. My heart goes out to anyone who lost anyone because of this complete C*&T.
  3. Potentially illegal i would imagine. However i know people who use this regularly for arcade games and nobody i know of has ever been banned. So your covered. This is the VIP version of the beta but you dont get anything new but the beta anymore they shut all the extra gametypes and 2 extra maps out now the beta is official. Old Town >
  4. Simple steps to get the GoW3 Beta. (CODE NOT NEEDED) Download this and this Then watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svIKarJ4l9M Follow the YouTube steps exactly. You need a 2 gig memory stick. Enjoy.
  5. Shluu


    Sorry guys, the EU gowforum kinda melted the site when we figured out that signing up and saying you were from the US and worked for Wal-mart with any 3-4 digit number skipped past the employee verification. I guess 150 odd codes leaving the site within 5 minutes made Epic think FUCKKKKK so the site just destroyed itself. I have an account with the beta on it that can be recovered by anyone who wants it early if you still haven't got it. Hit me up - Animate Shluu <3
  6. Hey you! <3

    Where have we both been? Sheesh I miss the good ol' days! :P

    Going to be around later today? Maybe I'll be on Rift/Mumble!

  7. Hey Kristin ! <3

  8. Shluu

    Mike's application.

    Good Fit. Just dont let this happen again. <3
  9. Alright buddy

  10. Shluu

    Calling all Members. I need you support !

    Click on the group the photo is in and like the group first then the photo will be allowing you to like it.
  11. Ok so in the link below is a picture of my sister, her picture is entered in a modelling contest. All i need you guys to do to help me and help her get towards this prize contract thing or w.e is to click on the link below and like the group the picture is in, then like her picture. I expect to receive a bit of stick for this but in any case ive seen what this community can do when its put to the test of helping others. Any help will be greatly appreciated this will seriously help her and her career within modelling if she wins. Help me guys. I LOVE YOU. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150126216586168&set=a.10150105627121168.290886.165640346167&theater
  12. Shluu

    Petition To get Glory and reducey back.

    /Signed Heard it was something or other with Relent being Goonlike. W.e were family guys lets act like it ?
  13. Shluu

    Being Hacked

    Well im kinda upset i wasn't around at the time this happened i could of probably been more help. However im glad (Not surprised either) to see Cptn Doomhammer was around with other execs to help recover what was lost. What i want to know now however LJ is the following. Are you going to press charges ? This can be classed as Identity theft and thats a federal crime meaning Cosmo and his dumb friend can go to prison or get a serious fine and potential black mark against them for any form of internet use. Do you know anything for your XBL account ? if measures cannot be taken to get it back via Microsoft please have milky contact me and i will have it hacked by a reliable friend so you can recover it yourself. In any case, glad nothing more came of this childish act. Good Luck with your account, you know where i am.