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    Dade. Resume

    However, if the only way I can join vVv is playing SR, then I guess I could think it over and may participate. Dont close the app for now. TKE do you have AIM?
  2. Dade.email

    Dade. Resume

    Oh. I was explained that I needed to talk to a united player and play with them, that they would decide whether or not I could fit the position. Ive been playing, as a friend of LGD for months now, so I know I could fit the position. But, I do understand the need to acquire a member from inside the clan. Is there anyway I can join as a casual gamer? I was interested in SR, just the spontaneousity(if thats how it is spelled) I believe, can hurt the competitive aspect of the game.
  3. Dade.email

    Dade. Resume

    I would like to start up as a "casual" gamer for vVv. I also came because i was talking to Puff and he said United was looking for a fourth. At that time though i was not talking to any clans because I had been playing with LGD for a few months.
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    Dade. Resume

    Why you are interested in becoming a member? The the vVv community not only shows gamers a professional view of gaming yet, as well, a casual one. Teams show great teamwork and class, and I would like to participate. I believe with a good team, any vVv member can elevate to the status of Visions and im intrigued and fascinated with the idea. What games are you currently playing that you want to pursue professionally? I play, as of now, GoW and RB6V. SR is an upcoming title I might be interested in. How do you plan to contribute: Charisma? Skill? Participation? Contribution? Address all 4 areas. Well, those who have played with me say that I know when to be serious, and when to be silly( even though i am pretty goofy). Skill is not a problem, beast = well put. lol. For participation, I believe that I would be able to do ALL online tournies and local lans, traveling may be difficult due to age, (16) but I believe that it wont be an issue. Im always active in the gaming community, and can contribute to coming up with new ways to better the vVv experience. Any future games? SR and H3. How many hours per week can you devote? Roughly 2-3 hours daily...14-21 weekly. Do you have access to a computer and e-mail on a daily basis? Yupp. What personal goals do you hope to achieve? For gaming, going pro, or close to it. Nothing better than playing video games and earning money for life or college. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I play basketball, as a major sport, competing in various tournaments and leagues. High school for me is great, the girls, cars, partying. Just your regular high school kid. Name: Ralph Age (minimum 15), proof of age is required.: 16 Mailing Address: Phone Number: E-mail Address: IIMakeItRainII@aim.com XBL Gamertag: Inxision