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    Checking In

    Hey now I sill exist :-p just don't play here or have vvv in my tag because I cant unlock the account that has it hahaha. If anyone has destiny 2 on their play list you can add TKE377
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  3. TKE 377

    Insult The Person Above You

    That's my sexy look...unfortunately for u the only girls you see are on the monitor in front of you :-0
  4. TKE 377

    So exactly how many stoners are here...

    Haha that's why I love you Froot
  5. TKE 377

    Insult The Person Above You

    Is giving the camera his sexy look for some reason??
  6. TKE 377

    What's your favorite movie?

    So Jerry I am particularly Intrigued as to your favorite movie given your background and I'm not sure that I ever knew.
  7. TKE 377


    Butler or Uconn? Butler in a close one
  8. TKE 377


    Name:Jack Age:25 XBL Gamertag:vVv TKE 377 PSN ID (not required): Link to twitter: Link to facebook:http://www.facebook.com/jack.schirtz Previous qualifying experience (if any):well I met Jerry in 2003/4 playing on GRAW and have been with him almsot every day since. I was a founding member of vVv and have been here since the beginning when we were Angels of Valor. I started out as a player and have done many other things. I was in charge of the entire site with Jerry and Froot when we first opened up. I was a coach of mutliple vVv teams, I was the CEO of vVv for a brief period of time before stepping down do to adulthood haha. um I cannto think of any more off the top of my head right now. =D Why do you want the position?: I would like to be active again in vVv. Who has been the best app managers who you would use as your role model?:Myself back in the day Which app managers do you think have done a poor job, and why?: What makes you qualified to have this position?: I did it for I believe 3 years maybe a couple more or less not quite sure time flys when your having fun ') How many hours per day will you be able to dedicate to this?: What times (ie, 5-7pm EST etc)?: idk it varies when I am up and doing things
  9. TKE 377


    Unfortunatly to two recent hospitalizations I don't know if I can go forward with app I am not sure how often I can get on and then having to work to make up for the time I now have to be out.
  10. TKE 377


    Where is the application that you posted? This is a Lon process that takes time patience is a virtue if you want to be a part of vVv following the guidelines is also a big key. You are lacking a lucite on your profile as well and that is a pre req for applications to be looked at.
  11. TKE 377

    Brian0310 Application

    Also your profile must be filled out as well... These are all keys to even being started in the community.
  12. TKE 377

    Brian0310 Application

    Your App has been up for roughly two weeks and you hVe not been on the site since that time. Being active onthe forums is a big key to vVv. Has anyone been added or played with him?
  13. TKE 377

    Krisbyy (Black Ops)

    Is that really how you feel ask to have your app closed. there can be lots of time between an application and acceptance. Once apps get closed they rarely get Reopened and reapplying is almost the same dedication is key to success here as well as in life. It is your decision to make.
  14. TKE 377

    Spike Application - Black Ops

    Just try to stay active on the forums as much as possible vVv is really about community when it comes down to it this is a large almost family of gamers. Make sure you add people and play with as many as possible stay positive and best of luck!
  15. TKE 377

    black ops app.

    Best of luck man the best way to figure out verything is to use the site as mug as possible and add as many players as you can to your friends list. Stay active on forums and above all else respect everyone, everyone that has a vVv has been where you were at some point everyone starte out there is a vast amount o knOwledge here it's up to you to determine how to use it! Best of luck!
  16. TKE 377


    Haha enmity I use tue cover of darkness to hide!
  17. TKE 377

    TKE drops by to say hello

    Haha hello everyone! I should be more often as I am finally situated in my life and set I should b getting a break on having to work so many hours and actually have free time! OMG!!! And while I've been away I have not been too far I lurk around every now and then I gotta keep tabs on everything that goes on come on now this is like my baby a slightly illegitimate one but a baby none the less ;-)
  18. TKE 377

    F R 0 o T x application

    Hey big sexy. I miss you dearly I have finally gotten everything i need almsot to start using the site and playing again haha. best of luck with your app
  19. TKE 377

    Pics of my Place

    Well it looks very nice i like the new colors...
  20. TKE 377

    Pics of my Place

    Did you paint?