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    Brick, NJ
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    cheese steaks<3
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    chilllen with my friends, and sports<3
  1. awh nero finally met a girl.

  2. awh nero finally met a girl.

  3. welcome . you sound like a pretty chill person and from what mrs.v is saying your a beast so goood luck!
  4. PMurph

    Cell Application

    the office shreds. But good luck man good player here.
  5. PMurph

    LiMiTs app..

    good luck. Add me tomorrow and we can play. My game name is PMurph
  6. PMurph

    Cell Application

    good luck man. I saw your name at the top rankings lol. tomorrow i'll add you and we can play. My game name is PMurph
  7. i voted for MW2. I love gow but i think mw2 will go farther
  8. # Name Pat Murphy # Age 15 # Location NJ # Picture of Yourself (on my profile) # Contact Info aim-pmurphh8syou # Events Attended none just locals # Discuss your ability to travel (budget, who is paying for the trip, and travel information, must be included) As long as its east coast im good( coast line i.e. orlando), my momma will be paying. # Past Teams at LAN: Just friends from school at locals. # Personal Biography (this is how we examine your ability to communicate, so grammar and spelling count. Sell yourself) My names Pat Murphy, I live in NJ right on the shore. I'm usually at the beach and hanging out with the friends during the good weather and during the winter i spend my times playing xbox. I'm a sophmore in high school and my grades are pretty decent. # Why do you want to join the academy? (again, we want to see how you market yourself) Well, first of all, I want to rep vVv to the fullest and compete. Video games is a good hobby for me and i love playing. I also want to have a team that plays well, has fun and improve myself as a player. # Reading below, can you make the times for tryouts? Yes # Do you have a capture card? Yes, and i need to see if it works cause i have a new setup and my computer is on the other side of my room now.
  9. We already have 7 and will going towards 16. Add me on xbl if interested and itl most likely befantasy draft.
  10. who is cheif flash on the vf5 brackets?
  11. PMurph

    ZeRoSupeR's App

    allright man thanks.
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