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  1. A bit late, but congratulations to the 4 of them! Keep it up, stay strong.. Zody I see you
  2. I would love to support and join in on this as soon as I get the bundle. Definitely Reapply, missing the community..
  3. Really gotta update my profile here, wow lol

  4. Interested in reapplying as soon as I get back on a console.

  5. Been missing the community for quite a while..

  6. Yo bro, remember me? :D Magiik is ILL?

  7. Oreo_

    Bones/Bowzer Re-Application

    Like I said, Hope all goes well with your 4 Geof.
  8. Oreo_

    Oreo's 2nd vVv Re-App

    At the moment, I'm having problems loading up to Twitter. I will be back to tweeting in no time when this situation gets resolved. I'm in the process of cleaning up some files, other hardware on my computer to see If that's the problem.
  9. Oreo_

    Looking for a team

    Hmu GaDaLaX!
  10. Oreo_

    ArKaine 9's Application

    Grats man, and Luck with your Interview.
  11. Oreo_

    Oreo's 2nd vVv Re-App

    Thanks Kevin
  12. Oreo_

    Oreo's 2nd vVv Re-App

    True, will do.
  13. Oreo_

    Oreo's 2nd vVv Re-App

    It was just loading up slow, and then going to an error page. But, I already changed my settings.