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  1. KiLL3Remail

    Zow Yahtzee App

    VeX was the reason I left vVv in the first place and now you are here. Wow
  2. KiLL3Remail

    KiLLER's App

    Im closing my app. It has been almost exactly 4 months and have heard nothing about my app. I have heard so many bad things about vVv in the past few weeks and everybody sayes the community is going down hill. Im moving to a different community because I am sick of waiting. I know apps take a while but I have been an app since the day vVv re-opened apps and nothing has happened. Maybe in the future I will come back to vVv but I doubt it.
  3. KiLL3Remail

    vVv Gaming Welcomes Jon "Phoenix" Lunceford

    Welcome and Good Luck with everything.
  4. KiLL3Remail

    KiLLER's App

    forgot to fill that out but I just filled it out now.
  5. KiLL3Remail

    KiLLER's App

    thanks guys
  6. KiLL3Remail

    KiLLER's App

    My current status is that I need and am working on finding a new team. I feel that vVv Gaming is one of the best out there and the community is great. 9/10 of the community is friendly and are always willing to play with the apps which is nice to get to know a lot of the members. And also I am still very interested in joining vVv and can't wait for that interview. As for the team, FearR quit because he wasn't happy with dhein and I am working on finding a new team right now. Not sure what tonik is going to do and havent even talked to him since I left for Columbus. Me and Dhein will continue to team no matter what.
  7. KiLL3Remail

    Should Team Carbon Just Quit

    very true that they haven't won for a while but they still are a top team and have a very well-known name
  8. KiLL3Remail

    KiLLER's App

    I have no money to give but if I did I personally wouldnt give money. I can add value many other ways other than paying to contribute.
  9. KiLL3Remail

    KiLLER's App

    back from columbus and had a great time.
  10. KiLL3Remail

    Dhein Application

    Just to say one thing about his limited activity is that he can't get on the computer much but is online on XBL playing with me, tonik, and fear. He is active just he is not good with forums and doesnt know much about them. Just saying this because I am a personal friend of his. I will try to get him to check out the forums a little more and post.
  11. KiLL3Remail

    vVv Forza Design

    Looks good, nice job
  12. KiLL3Remail

    KiLLER's App

    Hopfully well be able to get the whole team together and get some good practice in.
  13. KiLL3Remail

    Cyuhnide's vVv app

    Good player, nice guy. Good luck with your app.
  14. KiLL3Remail

    Dhein Application

    You start trouble for no reason and everybody in there found you to be way to annoying.
  15. KiLL3Remail

    Dhein Application

    gl on that app...well be beasting with our new team