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  1. vVv Gaming has officially launched our new website! Proudly partnering with local Las Cruces business We Are IT, the site has moved to a new cloud server host, and has gotten an overhaul both visually and functionally! This move has also included a forum migration, so while everything seems to be working following the move, if anyone sees anything broken, missing, outdated, or not functioning correctly, please post it in this forum thread so we can look into it.
  2. The new vVv Logo is here and vVv Pherzghul has gone above and beyond to create a library of different sizes and uses. These are available for personal use on forums, social media, live streaming, video, or anywhere else on the internet. Thank you again to everyone for sharing feedback and helping to make this logo so glorious. vVv_Gaming_Brand_Standards.pdf vVvGaming_Final_Logo.ai
  3. The new website is almost complete and we will be making the switch tomorrow! Thursday 05/16/19, at 8am, we will bring the forums down to take a snapshot and port them to the new site. They will be down most of the day for the relocation and testing, and should be back up in the evening. Spread the word, and make ready!
  4. .AI files for the new logo are attached, as requested. vVvGaming_Final_Logo.ai vVv_Gaming_Brand_Standards.ai
  5. Ok, cool, thanks for the feedback. After one final tweak to fix spacing and outline, we have finished the vVv Logo along with the Logotype. The .pdf attachment is the vVv Logo Brand Standard stylesheet, which shows what variations are acceptable, color palette, and other details. Thanks again to everyone for your feedback. I look forward to seeing this on all of our new stuff vVv_Gaming_Brand_Standards.pdf
  6. @vVv ORION Do you have an example of what you mean by "birdman?" I agree it looks like a bird (that's part of the design), but I can't figure out what else it refers to. I also am not clear exactly why looking like a bird is bad? @vVv Buzz The red stroke was designed to make it more clearly visible against a black background. Is there another way you'd prefer to do it? Also, can you clarify what you don't like about the spacing?
  7. Indeed it is! Taking the fantastic work from Buzz and Pherzghul and revising it with your feedback we now have a new official vVv Logo. The next step is to add the logo type (the "vVv Gaming" text) and update our style guide, and once that's finished you can expect to see the new logo rolling out officially as we get the website updated. The alternative solid color version will be used on mediums or locations where a gradient is impractical or impossible. Thank you to everyone for your input and feedback during this process of change. It's sometimes difficult, but we have ended with an awesome result because of it.
  8. Thoughts on these? Specifically, the first one, with the lighter gradient. Does that solve the problem? What about a solid color version, designed to be used on specific mediums (patches, vinyls, shirts, etc.)
  9. The latest round of revisions with Pherzghul. We are leaning heavily towards version B. Thoughts?
  10. There's a difference between the "logo" and the "logotype." Once we agree on the logo itself, we can add the logotype as the best fit
  11. Is it just me, or does F look like a bird of prey swooping down to strike? Let's use that (version F) as the animal Buzz is looking for and combine it with version D. I think visually there's still too much going on with Buzz's shield right now, so something cleaner will look better.
  12. Hey Orion, I can't seem to download the image to show with the designer. Can you link me to an imgur version?
  13. Based on Pherz' design we did another round of work. How does this feel?
  14. This is exactly why we come to you guys for all our best ideas xD Pherz, if I can get the illustrator file that would be great, we'll share it with the designer as the new direction.
  15. vVv Gaming is proud to announce vVv Exodus as the new president of the organization! Working with Lordjerith and Deathsgrasp, who will be stepping down from his leadership role to focus on personal life, Exodus has outlined a plan for vVv that focuses on building the community around the modern gaming experience. "All of us are grown, have jobs and can't devote 24 hours a day to gaming. We all have stressful lives and I want vVv Gaming to be a place where we all can come and have an escape, and have people to interact with and play with." As he starts by cleaning up and revitalizing the website and forums, expect to see more activity here and on the vVv Discord server as the organization gains new momentum. A deep thank you to vVv Deathsgrasp for his previous leadership, and welcome to vVv Exodus!
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