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  1. vVv was built and driven by Jerry and his vision for a gaming organization that did something differently. He was the one who brought people together, defined the organization, and drew something special out of each person. He brought us to vVv in the first place. But while Jerry was the catalyst, vVv was something greater than any one person. That's the special sauce of vVv. Each person making something greater than themselves. People energetically creating experiences for themselves and for each other. The experiences that stick with us so deeply that we still recall them years later. That's the formula that makes vVv special: the community stepping up to do more than just wait around to be entertained. You can see the tangible impact from those who go on to work in the games industry. The experiences here are ones that we carry with us forward. So for those who are just starting to get involved, or are still in the mix, it's up to you to take action, to make this place great. It's up to you to come forth every day with the energy to create awesome experiences towards something greater.
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  3. vVv Doomhammer

    LoL Community Gamer Improvement Inhouses

    These Inhouses will focus on improvement of the players participating. Come to these inhouse nights with improvement goals in mind, whatever you decide to do to improve will be tracked and noted. Message vVv MagicMooch or vVv Sugarbear for more details.
  4. vVv Doomhammer

    LoL Plat+ Inhouses

    These Inhouses will focus on a scrimmage like atmosphere with players that are looking to take their game to a near professional level. These Inhouses will have visits and play-ins with our LoL Team as well as other to be decided events. Community Gamers are encouraged to come to these Inhouse days and spectate to learn and ask questions afterwards. Contact vVv MagicMooch or vVv Sugarbear for more details.
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    path Of exile

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    honary mamber

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    guild wars 2

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    SS Mobile

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    SS freedom To play

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    SS Back To School

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    gamer grub

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