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    I can finally use the Shoutbox

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    Brookline, MA
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    Gears of War 2
  1. SykIone

    Mean like Clean app

    yo essay whats up?!?!
  2. SykIone

    CJ MeRCs vVv app

    good player with mad skills. GL bro
  3. SykIone

    OMG Itz Irish's App

    Played with Irish before. Good player and good sense of humor.
  4. SykIone

    vVv Gaming Talent Scout

    I've never had more fun in a private match than I had today. Takedown's a beast sniper.
  5. SykIone

    Takedown's Proposal

    This is brilliant!
  6. SykIone

    Sypher Re-application

    Best of luck Sypher.
  7. SykIone

    Too Damn Nice's APP

    Very good player. Good luck bro.
  8. SykIone

    BulleT APP!

    BulleT is the man! GL bro
  9. SykIone

    Mean like Clean app

    GL Josh, <3 I'd be shocked if you wouldn't make it.
  10. SykIone

    My HS Pic

    lol. For some reason, it looks familiar. Like if I've seen that picture before.