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  1. Sean, I saw this article through Facebook and had to log on to read it. Your story was very heartfelt and made me reminisce the good times. I do miss the community (especially what we had from 09-12ish) and wish that I still had to passion I once had. I'll never forget the countless hours we shared both online, and at the events we both traveled to. Unfortunately, I (and I am sure many others) am at a time in my life that is very demanding and leaves little time for gaming. I would love to continue to stay in touch through Facebook and hopefully one day connect again online. I wish you nothing but the best, friend. Best wishes, Connor "Addiction" Moran
  2. Addiction

    vvv cod

  3. Addiction

    vVv Gaming

  4. Addiction

    Set back and bad weight loss

    You can recover I know you can do it! Get motivated
  5. Addiction

    vVv Flxsh's in depth 2013 MLG Anaheim predictions

    I agree with most of these picks. I really do hope vVv shows up to play. I know they can win it all, but Impact can too just as easily. I'll be cheering them on
  6. Addiction

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360)

    I really enjoyed reading this! Great Article!
  7. Addiction

    Notable Games of 2009...That I've Played

    Great Article Darkie!
  8. Addiction

    January 2010 Gaming Preview

    I like the write up! You did a really good job!
  9. Addiction

    Darkie's Holiday Gift Guide 2009!

    This is amazing!!! Great Article!
  10. Addiction

    My nana

    Really good blog! I hope you find your uncle!
  11. Addiction

    I'm Sorry, I Have a Life

    Great post Darkie
  12. Addiction

    vVv Cod!