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  1. Scott running CoD? RIP. But seriously. I'll contribute where needed. Roll tide!
  2. I like soap. It makes me smell good after my shower.
  3. Love you JayC. I agree with some stuff said above. Keep in touch <3
  4. I dont know if Ill be going or not I feel all kinds of pressure to go, but college has my wallet hurting
  5. I wish I could go, but plane tickets are too expensive :/
  6. Proud Xbox One owner and excited for Titanfall and the future of the division! Really great opportunity ahead of us!
  7. So if you qualify, you will have to play with the pickup, correct?
  8. Hey Jacob, Thanks for expressing interest in vVv Gaming! I noticed you mentioned that you wanted to become a professional gamer, but also want to increase your YouTube and stream numbers. Where does your passion lie? Is your main focus on YouTube and streaming, or on becoming a professional gamer? Fortunately, vVv can help with both aspects, but first you and I both need to gauge where your interest and focus is. In a perfect world, what would you see yourself doing in gaming?
  9. Glad to see CGN's returning. I will be active in CGN's probably starting in early to Mid March. I have yet to purchase an X1 so I'll most likely need that first
  10. I am all updated. You should be too!
  11. How is Season 4 going for you?
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