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  1. Devotion

    Devotion's Application

    Closing my own application. Sorry to say but I don't see vVv going far in halo. Nice meeting you all.
  2. Devotion

    Kyble's Application

    <<<< New GT with not so many friends but yeah MLG Customs sounds sick.
  3. Devotion

    Kyble's Application

    Just played with this kid today. Cool kid and very good with a sniper. Good luck man.
  4. Devotion

    Devotion's Application

    Juice: Thank you and I wish you good luck on your application too. Answer: Thank you and I hope I can only prove you right.
  5. Devotion

    My App

    Played with this guy yesteday. He was fun to play with in H3. He knew the call outs and co-operated like a team player. He is a great guy all around. Gl man.
  6. Devotion

    Devotion's Application

    What about snipe three? Thanks for the compliments you guys.
  7. Devotion

    Devotion's Application

    Thanks Cinetik, haha how much more can we carry our team when we go snipin? lol
  8. Devotion

    Kyble's Application

    feel free to add me to play some mm or customs
  9. Devotion

    Devotion's Application

    Thanks for the move Rev. New GT = BrEaKaWaY BrZ. Thanks for all of your support.
  10. Devotion

    Devotion's Application

    Thanks Jiraiiya and I enjoy playing with you as well in h3
  11. Devotion

    Devotion's Application

    I appriciate the comments. I got my 360 back and I'm on halo everyday for atleast 2 hours. Hit me up for some customs or something.
  12. Devotion

    FIip's App

    Very forum active, great guy, fun to talk to, gives good advice and help. Good luck with your app bro.
  13. Devotion

    BFF's Application

    First - Great guy - he has your back, he doesn't trash talk, he is very calm while playing the game which is a rare quility. Second - Great skill - he deffinatly knows what he is doing in the game, havent seen him go negative in a game, and he always has his dora the explorer back pack ready Third - Team player - he knows how to play with the team, always supporting and always holding his own with multi-kills Fourth - Advice - he has helped me alot by giving me personal advice and tips on the game, he is a great teacher and is happy to help anyone at any time Loves youuuuuuu
  14. Devotion

    Pics of my Place

    wow very nice place
  15. get out of puerto rico big guy ;-)