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  1. Damn, mano. So many feels right now. I miss a lot of people and a lot of things. Haven't been around in forever.
  2. Oscar Wilde in general is pretty freaking awesome. Been reading Lord Byron, Albert Camus, Cormac McCarthy, and Nietzsche. Also, Ayn Rand sucks. Well, Objectivism does.
  3. Design and typography textbooks. And stuff about DaVinci and Bernini. :/
  4. And I have Halo 4. add me, since pretty much no one is on my list anymore. empire XIII
  5. Try bumping up your sensitivity. I had a problem with my shot being a bit wonky on 3, so I went up to 5 and it seemed to feel pretty good. Didn't get to put much play time in though.
  6. what you have as back gold/back ramp is being called sword ramp by most people. and open and closed sides are being called blue and red. Red being your right looking at main ramp from mohawk and blue being your left.
  7. It's not a drinking game if you don't drop shots. But man this is funny. I just have to laugh.
  8. we should ban people who post dad rock.
  9. AWWW YES and uh, build stuff and then break it. And then build more stuff to break. Do the whole white people poverty vacation thing and see exotic locales and meet weird people and drink toxic forms of alcohol. Write books about stuff. Start a strip club, then run it into the ground. Buy a casino in vegas. Sell it because the employees want to kill me. Go on tour in some shitty metal/hardcore/whatever band. Become youtube famous for filming rly expensive zany antics. Learn to fly a fighter jet. Build a house and die in it.
  10. No uterus, no opinion.
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