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  1. literally cant wait for this drop
  2. I second this, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be apart of a 3rd family, you don't get many chances like this, and it's hard to find people with the same common goals and interests as I do, Thank you again.
  3. Oh yeah, this is what I've been waiting to hear and see.
  4. i like 59-50 new era hats with the low profile, i think this looks absolutely dope.
  5. welcome back, lets get to work!
  6. Im available 7 days a week, Monday-Friday-3:30-10:30, Weekends- Anytime
  7. Would i need to be a full member in order to receive the banners and wallpaper etc?
  8. Safe trips, and good luck with your new work venture. Take lots of pics, and make as many memories as possible, you only live one life!
  9. Never met you, but the community always welcomes familiar faces, welcome back!
  10. i started a trend, but i cant wait for this!
  11. Wow i don't even remember the last time i played it, probably would be a good time for me to DL it again.
  12. Glad to see a new face! thank you for defending our country!
  13. I hope so too man, thank you!
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