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  1. Wow i don't even remember the last time i played it, probably would be a good time for me to DL it again.
  2. Glad to see a new face! thank you for defending our country!
  3. I hope so too man, thank you!
  4. you'll definitely see a lot of me!
  5. New Represent baby! Ya love to see it! if your have PS4 add me MMouze-
  6. thank you! plan on staying for a long time!
  7. Thank you welcoming me, pleasure to speak to you as well, looking forward to more of that 😀
  8. B 100%, but different variants of colors would also be nice based on if there's a special awareness, such as breast cancer awareness where the v's would be pink, or autism awareness colors would be used in support for those who have or know of somebody with it, just an idea for the future.
  9. Thank you! Wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
  10. I'm on everyday and always looking for new people to play and grind with, add me on PSN: MMouze-
  11. If anybody is interested, Im on to play League play everyday, you can add me on PSN: MMouze-, I'm always looking for new people to play with and try to get to know each of you.
  12. Good luck on your App!
  13. Good luck on your App!
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