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  1. Gross ^ I have the S10 and a Note8
  2. I am thinking about setting up a wordpress blog for S's and G's. I'll get these pulled and post the link in here when I do so.
  3. A little while back I posted 20 Hard truths or lessons from my time streaming. I did this on twitter over 20 days and I was curious, would anyone be interested in reading these or having me post them somewhere? I can pull them back up and figure out a place to post them if there is interest.
  4. This honestly depends on the platform. Here is the current breakdown of hostilities: Twitch: No partner OR affiliate shall stream or co-stream to another platform...EVER Mixer: No Partner SHOULD stream to another platform but we aren't really watching DLive: Do what you want, we will love you no matter what! YouTube: No one really knows....
  5. i guess... No I didn't mean to rush it at all. I misread the finality of a few comments without reading them all. CORRECTION - When this is done, I would like to request a transparent version for my stream. Thank you.
  6. Who has the Transparent file for this? I need it for some stream promo stuff
  7. Looks like I am being called out. Let's do this people! Side note, I am a community mod for Lightstream as well and know quite a bit about the ins and outs of the platform if someone were interested in using it for their Mixer stream. 5 years, 4 streaming platforms and a whole lot of lost sleep...those are my credentials
  8. Just wanting more info on this game because I know nothing, is it pretty heavily pay to win or am i misreading some of the things I am seeing regarding inventory space and vendors?
  9. I stream solely on DLive now. Pushing for partner at 200 follows so that I can host new streamers to get them promoted. If you have questions about the platform or streaming in general, please feel free to use me as a resource. Stream: https://dlive.tv/tibiryus
  10. Finally a use for that shity energy ammo
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