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  1. You’re still ugly
  2. Montage I edited and created for Mr Nasty aka Josh. I'm new to this editing thing so this is my first one I've ever personally created but anyways watch below I guess
  3. Nah, I had an account in 2012 but it was under Monster not Savior but ive played with a lot of gears members for years
  4. Welcome nice to see someone from Call of Duty! Hope to see you around
  5. Finally, welcome bro! You need to start playing with us haha
  6. Another minitage from my old org just figured I’d get some more content out here
  7. By far the most eye catching logo and really hits all the design points that were wanted in this process this has my vote
  8. Hey man where you been, haven't played in awhile hmu
  9. Good team player and kills it with the clutch plays, awesome helpful person and great humor enjoy playing with him every time.
  10. Naturally talented player literally dropped 2-3 maps playing together awesome calm guy who focus' on the win and enjoys the game
  11. what if you added a stroke to the V's just to give them more definition?
  12. Just kinda having some fun conversations so here we go. I think my favorite would have to be the digger. Hitting people in the chest from a distance and watching it dig through their chest was just all out Gears style gore and I loved it. It isn't the best weapon obviously but it's my favorite animation wise.
  13. Hell yeah man welcome, great dude and great teammate can't wait to see you as part of our community good luck!
  14. Great guy, great gears of war player, known him forever personal friend and kicks Scott’s ass so why not accept him 😉
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