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  1. Savior

    Saviors Application

    Thanks bro, means a lot coming from you!
  2. Savior

    vVv Aplication

    Welcome! Good luck!
  3. Savior

    Tributes Application

    Welcome! Good Luck! Hmu for some gow4
  4. Savior

    Movies you're excited for in 2019.

    Toy Story 4, IT 2, Game of Thrones ( I know it's not a movie but come on ), and hopefully another announcement on the GoW movie, and Frozen 2 of course lmao As well as everything mentioned above, Im a huge Comic book fan
  5. Savior

    Cammers Application

    Welcome! Make sure you upload a profile picture too!!
  6. Savior

    Genuhsis application

    Fortnite is big on GB idk if you've looked into it but it's one of the most active ladders and tournaments on GB, hmu if you wanna run some games on something
  7. Savior

    Gears 5 Hype!

    Gears of War is literally the only game I ever play through, but its the Multiplayer that still controls me im mainly excited for where the competitive scene goes and what awesome Lan's and prize pools they announce.
  8. Thanks! Yeah this was just a quick thing, when I go to post the photos it'll be in a new thread but ill definitely update this one as well!
  9. Would anyone be interested if I were to put each of the gears of war map over views on here and named all of the callouts on each, I know i'm super nerdy but I'm super competitive and I wanna keep posting on the forums and I think this is a good idea but only if you think it'd be helpful, I have over 27 days of multiplayer time on this game so I know my stuff but we can share ideas and come up with overall sets of callouts and if we ever get a team together I can share strats or if you just want those too I can share those as well, I know a lot of you on here are super smart on GoW4 so i'd appreciate anything anyone has to add. Thanks!
  10. Savior

    B1zkit Formerly vVv Bizkit Application

    Let me know when you wanna pick Gears of War 4 up again, Look forward to playing with you and getting to know you!
  11. Savior

    Member Application - Tibiryus

    Sounds like you'd be a great asset to the community! Hope you're accepted and look forward to asking many questions lol
  12. Savior

    Online Tournaments

    Hey everyone so Gamebattles has online tournaments for Execution and I was wondering if anyone would ever wanna play in them, their is also 2k's every Sunday using Escalation game type, I am not the biggest fan but i'm always down to get some more tournament Experience if anyone ever wants to play in them or even just online hmu. There is also an amateur online circuit being created if anyone wants to compete in that too, I know we're all busy so we can't practice a lot but it'll be good for the experience and fun and its free.
  13. Savior

    Social Media Connect

    IG: bacon_is_life96 Twitter: BaconIsLife96 Discord: Savior #6908
  14. Savior

    Microsoft Lan

    Yeah that's the one!
  15. Savior

    Microsoft Lan

    On March 10 Microsoft is hosting a series of GoW4 tournaments around the US. I am attending one in NC, if anyone else is near the area and wants to team let me know or if you're attending another one post below so others in your area can attend with you! Thanks!