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  1. They look nice, but It looks like a football club logo... 😶
  2. Welcome mate, hope your well and it’s great to see you. Will look forward to chatting with yourself more best of luck on the app!
  3. Welcome to vVv Gaming, glad to see you here I wish you the best of luck in your process vVv SavVieee is my gamertag gimme an add we can chat or play Xbox games or I’ll see you on discord
  4. Welcome to vVv Gaming forums I look forward to chatting with you further and good to see new people coming along! Best of luck Sav
  5. welcome to vVv Gaming forums, and ofcourse thanks for choosing to join the community! I wish you the best in your application by all means add me to Xbox one if you have one. vVv SavVieee I will see you on the discord
  6. Welcome to the vVv Forums, lovely to meet you, i have XBL - and like exodus by all means add me vVv SavVieee
  7. Welcome back good to see old faces returning. I am vVv SavVieee, come say hello on our discord. If you play console I look forward to rocking that with you! If not we can have laughs and gigggles in our discord chat! See uou there scott
  8. Hey Armando, good to see old players coming back! And good to see that you still. Remember some of the old vVv applicants! If you have Xbox one gimme an add GT - vVv SavVieee continue to chill out within the discord say hello to the other members and community best of luck with the application :D
  9. Hello, welcome to vVv forums thank you for your application some vVv members will be sure to drop in and ask some questions. Also continue to post on our discord mingle with the vVv members I’m sure vVv death grasp will be around and introduce himself
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