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  1. Hi guys! Christmas is coming and as a gift to myself, I am planning to purchase a set of rims for my white F-150. What do you guys think of these gloss black DUB Rims? It is on sale and they are selling it for $225.00. Is it worth the price? ]
  2. bluehues84


    Used to play this before as a kid. This and Commando.
  3. bluehues84

    Clash of Clans

    Used to be addicted to CoC then I got hooked in PuBg and Mobile Legends.
  4. bluehues84

    Favorite anime Only.

    Mine is Ranma, Naruto and Ghost Fighter.
  5. bluehues84

    Do you have a pet?

    I have 2 American Cocker Spaniels at home, Douglas and Martha.
  6. bluehues84

    What is your favorite band?

    Coldplay and Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  7. bluehues84


    Hey guys! My name's Tyler! I used to play Counterstrike and now I am an avid DOTA player.