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  1. xSkiLLz

    Hello To You All

    Hi all, I am Martin aka xSkiLLz. I am from England and I am lets just say 20+. I am a Call of Duty gamer on the PlayStation and have played for many years now both for fun and competitively on both PlayStation and Xbox. I game for around 7 hours a day at least 6 days a week depending on work and family. I have followed vVv for many years dating back to the days of their Call of Duty teams but did stop for a few years due to the lack of a CoD Team. Recently I was looking back through old Call of Duty records and results when the vVv name appeared and I had to come back and see what was happening and how the whole vVv Communtiy was doing nowadays. So anyway that's a little about me and why I am here. Hope to speak and be active on the forums as well as meet some fellow gamers and eSports enthusiast's
  2. xSkiLLz

    Call of Duty Interest??

    Hi all my name is Martin (aka xSkiLLz) I am a Call of Duty eSports Player in the United Kingdom. I followed vVv when they used to play Call of Duty and do really well at it, they have created some of the top names still playing today. John and Goonjar are just two that pop straight into my head atm. So all being said I was just wondering if there are any Call of Duty Fans or Players still around on here? Also must say I do miss the vVv Call of Duty Teams