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  1. Unlucky

    Hey Everyone!

    Thanks guys! Sorry it's been a few weeks since I have been on the server and haven't been able to play much with anyone. I had a very close friend pass way a couple weeks ago so I have been going through a rough time between this and getting stuck working on nights of tournaments to be able to hang out with people or even watch on Twitch I hope to be able to come say hi to people soon & I hope everyone is doing well! Also heard their is first person now in PUBG that I have yet to try
  2. Unlucky

    Hey Everyone!

    Work eww lol. Yeah, maybe too much of an intro but it was pretty late and I was a bit talkative and bored lol. I just got back from being out of town for a bit for the 4th of July but I will try to hop on for some PUBG games soon. I'm still a bit of a PUBG noob though fair warning lol. See you around!
  3. Unlucky

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey everyone! I'm Unlucky (kappa). Most people call me Amy, which is my real name. However, either name is fine. I'm from a small town surrounded by cornfields in Illinois, which is the type of area I grew up in. Not a whole lot to do growing up in a town of 600 people so I took to gaming from watching my brother all the time lol. I've traveled a bit (I like road trips) and have lived in a few different places such as Michigan and BC, Canada. I'm a PC gamer. I never really got into console gaming. My very first game that I dedicated probably too much time to was WoW. I played for about 2 years & got into raid progression pretty heavily. I was co guild master to a raiding guild that was 2nd top raiding guild on the server. I was a raid leader for our tier 1 10 man raid group and was in the top 5 best geared priests/healer on the server. I would say I devoted way too much to the game. When you request off work for a week so you can play a new expansion, there maybe a sign of too much devotion? Lol. I got burnt out on WoW eventually, resigned in guild and one day I logged out and I never logged back in. Still no desire to play it. that game ate my soul lol. Around the time I quit, the MMO Rift had just launched so I played that for about a year. I got burnt out on MMOs in general so eventually quit Rift too. A friend of mine introduced me to League of Legends, which I've been playing since season 1. I played a lot of LoL for 3-4 seasons. During this time I was a part of a gaming community that focused on League of Legends & Hearthstone tournaments. I became a staff member there and eventually became an Admin. I was an admin of the community for about a year and a half. During this time I helped run League events. I hosted RP Prized tournaments every week, twice a week, and eventually ran a 10-week League series for higher ELO players and a League series for lower ELO players. When I joined the community it was a pretty small community and the 2 years I was there it had grown so much and I enjoyed the work I put into the community. However, Riot made a lot of changes to RP prizing and stopped funding online tournaments so it steered a lot of members who participated on events away and I believe the owner began to become burnt out and eventually shut down the TS server and stopped all events. I've grown less interested in League and moved onto other games in the past year or so. I played the Overwatch beta and fell in love with it and still play a lot of it. I also play a bit of CS:GO and for a while binge played H1Z1: KotK and then PUBG came out. I played the beta and I felt I was done with H1Z1: KotK lol so I play a lot of PUBG as well. I also like to stream and watch streams, especially PUBG streams, which is how I found vVv Gaming! I stumbled upon the PUBG tournament stream tonight and watching the tournament was really fun! After watching the tournament and checking out the website & discord I knew I wanted to join the community. I look forward to meeting you all and playing some PUBG or Overwatch with you! Thanks for reading my book of an introduction! -Amy/Unlucky