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vVv Athari

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    I need to post more!
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    Brittany Walsch
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    Cure Alms
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    Xbox, photography, Runescape [online game]

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  1. vVv Athari

    Want to join vVv Gaming? (Application Inside)

    I have a few questions before joining, also I downloaded discord but I don't know how to work it. My about me page on my about me is basically my application lol. I played with a few members years ago and was close to joining but school overcame me and I became to busy that I cancelled my application to join. I was joining as a comp player for xbox 360 COD. I am still on COD and one of the questions I had was that if vVv is still on xbox 360? my kik is DontGetMalaid Discord (idk how to use ) is vVv Athari and my Instagram is baesickleee. I would appreciate any info I can get on joining and whats new from the past 3-5 years. thanks