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  1. vVv GrimWolf

    I'm back

    Hello and welcome back.
  2. vVv GrimWolf

    Icebreak I suppose

    Hi! Nice to meet you. Hope you have fun. We do have a Discord for you to join as well, if you are not in it yet.
  3. vVv GrimWolf

    CS:GO Introduction

    I asked him and he said it has been dead for two years.
  4. vVv GrimWolf

    CS:GO Introduction

    Honestly, don't know. It's been almost two years since this was posted. Slim chance of being a thing now. Will message Jackal about it.
  5. vVv GrimWolf

    Do you have a pet?

    I have three dogs. Two are German shepherds and the last one is a mix of a lab and English shepherd. I'm not really afraid of anything animal or living wise on this planet, they are quite fascinating. And I'm afraid I don't see the house you are referring to.
  6. vVv GrimWolf


    Even today it is popular, up to a point.
  7. vVv GrimWolf

    What is your favorite band?

    I am kind of torn between quite a few bands. For instance like Metallica, AC/DC, Matchbox 20, 3 Doors Down, Creed, Disturbed, and it just goes on. Very torn apart on deciding one.
  8. vVv GrimWolf

    PoE Bestiary Builds for 3.2 version

    Honestly, I have never followed a build. Though, maybe I should try to do so for once on a character and see how it goes.
  9. vVv GrimWolf

    vVv MMO Reunion - Neverwinter Online 2018

    I haven't played GW2 in ages... Got turned off by the leveling system in it.
  10. vVv GrimWolf

    Saying hi. <3

    Hello, and I will say welcome back, Nikki. Though I think you've never met. I was kind of a lurker/follower of vVv for quite a while before deciding to join after a year of not paying attention to the scene.
  11. vVv GrimWolf

    vVv MMO Reunion - Neverwinter Online 2018

    I haven't played Neverwinter on PC in... Ages... Actually, since it came out. I remember rolling out in the game as a Control Wizard and it was the class to beat in PvP, especially at the early levels (10-30). Then I picked it up on xbox back in 2016-2017. Got maxed out in level and started grinding that gear (takes freaking forever e.e). I might get back into it on PC, but I won't be doing much PvP as it has that gigantic wall to leap over.
  12. vVv GrimWolf

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey, no worries and sorry for the over a month later post. Sorry for your loss. And if you haven't tried it yet, yes there is a first person view in PUBG and I will be glad to play with you in it and so would a few others.
  13. vVv GrimWolf

    Member Application - Alexa.

    But the thing is... We aren't, you land far away or you just some how wander away from us. Either that or you just happened to run across a team and get obliterated right from the get go.
  14. vVv GrimWolf

    Member Application - Casey

    Hi, Casey! Welcome to vVv and thank you for applying. I wish you the best in becoming a member.
  15. vVv GrimWolf

    Member Application - Alexa.

    It's not like you get to live for very long anyway. >.> But yeah, good luck and may the odds be in your favor.