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  1. vVv Stitches

    My Staff/Professional player application

    Interesting. Can you link me to where it shows your placing? I’m trying to find it so I can show everyone but I can’t find it anywhere.
  2. vVv Stitches

    Friendly Reminder

  3. vVv Stitches

    My Staff/Professional player application

    Former pro player? Wow very cool. What was your GT, what team were you on, what event did you go to and what did you place?
  4. vVv Stitches

    What sports do you watch and what’s your favorite team??

    Baseball- Yankees, basketball - Knicks, football - jets and Giants, UFC- Jon Jones is the Goat lol
  5. vVv Stitches

    Movies you're excited for in 2019.

    Every single Disney movie that is coming out this year! Lion king >>>>>>
  6. vVv Stitches

    Numbers Game - Item Stats

    This is great for someone just starting out. Thanks for posting this!
  7. vVv Stitches

    Interactive Loot Map

    Very helpful!!!
  8. vVv Stitches

    Gears 5 Hype!

    Gears 1 was waaaaay to slow. Gears 2 tu 4 was perfect speed and you add that speed in escalation and I think you would be perfect
  9. vVv Stitches

    Saviors Application

    Decent at Gears nah but great guy and fun to play with. Looking forward to getting to know you more bud and hopefully see the v’s on you
  10. vVv Stitches

    Favorite Legend... So far..?

    Bangalore is my number 1, then lifeline, bloodhound, caustic. I want mirage!!!!
  11. vVv Stitches

    Gears 5 Hype!

    Looking forward to Gears 5 coming out and hopefully being more like Gears 2 then Gears 4. Then I’ll build a nice team and hopefully represent vVv at all the events!
  12. vVv Stitches


    Stitches LFG
  13. vVv Stitches

    Member Application - Stitches aka vVv Stitches

    Thanks bud! I’m happy to be back and see so many familiar names
  14. vVv Stitches

    Member Application - Stitches aka vVv Stitches

    Lol my duuuuude! We need to talk soon
  15. vVv Stitches

    Member Application - Stitches aka vVv Stitches

    My dude!!!!!! Yes, let me know once you’re back on Xbox