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    Football, Baseball, Wakeboarding, US ARMY Infantry! HOOOAAH
    vVv ViviD went hard in the paint.

    Ranger school next summer, already Airborne and Air Assault :)
  1. You are 200x better off just making them in game..
  2. To the people who are saying they will be competitive with the top players, blah blah... No
  3. All of you are not even close to being "competitive."
  4. Havahk

    Dream Vehicle

    Is it sad I own a good chunk of the cars posted?? lmao
  5. Your little swag meter, kinda just makes me want to fly to your house and kick your ass... lmao, I mean you got some nice ones in there, but damn lay off your own tip.
  6. Damn boys, I should go back to Houston and show you the closet lmao. I left most of my shit there since the Frat boys ain't about that shit.
  7. Havahk

    New Ride

    Hahaha damn, thats a lot of work to look sexy. Some bitch hit me. Haha thanks man. I live in Austin going to UT, but if you make it to my dads main house, I got that big ole' garage. Im sure he wouldn't mind if he's actually home haha. Hahaha, sorry bro Supra, only import worthy of this.. Yeah its a good price, and for a little bit extra I am hauling ass. 0-60 in low 4s.
  8. Havahk

    New Ride

    Haha what do you drive?? And my poor truck got hit
  9. I thought computers were suppose to get smaller in the future?? WTF is that!?
  10. Havahk

    New Ride

    Haha thanks bros.
  11. Havahk

    New Ride

    Lmao, what is it? What does it need done lol?
  12. Havahk

    New Ride

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5gNGij1Y3g Exhaust clip for NoWater
  13. Havahk

    New Ride

    Thanks man, just threw on COMP cams, BBK Headers, Borla ATAK, different cai, lowered it, 20s in back, 19s in front, supercharger coming soon. Quick 40-170ish run, limiter is off, and speedo is wrong, just learned how to turn on digital will get a new vid soon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjXLhpxmOQE&
  14. Havahk

    New Ride

    Haha thanks man
  15. Havahk

    New Ride

    Posting this up here since people usually wanna see the cars. Well I was hearing A LOT of good things about the new 5.0 Mustang. Along with the fact we already own a GT500 so I figured we dont need another. I went out and found me a 5.0 for a decent price, and had a little fun with it. Had a buddy with a camera take some photos for me, and here are a few of em.. Ridiculous power though, love the car.
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