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  1. vVv Azazel

    Azazel's resignation

    Ever since the official Rocket League team disbanded I honestly wanted (and tried) to be part of this community but... man... life really hits hard when you less expect it. A lot of stuff happened this past year and some of those changes makes it almost impossible for me to participate on vVv's activities and tournaments, so I wanted to make it official by posting here. I won't bore you with the details but let just say that I'm pursuing my career to the fullest and even though gaming is still part of my day other stuff won't let me engage with other players/members in a satisfactory way (at least for me). I really want to thank Bagzli and Supermario55 for the opportunity of letting me (and my former teammates) join the official vVv's RL team, that gave me a great experience. I want to thank also my former teammates but I doubt they read this (most of them never really engaged with the community). I'm aware of the latest changes that have been happening (I've been lurking around) and really wish that this community keeps growing, I wish the best for Deathgrasp as the new President of vVv and all the new and old members that have been working to keep this community afloat. Thank you all of those that I met during my time here and I hope to play with you all again sometime (PUBG sounds interesting)
  2. vVv Azazel

    Member Application - Saltie

    My eyes hurt with that purple
  3. vVv Azazel

    Member Application - Saltie

    oh hey! why am I not listed as people you know , but anyway it is nice to see that you want to be part of vVv
  4. vVv Azazel

    Want to join vVv Gaming? (Application Inside)

    Hey there, have you joined our Discord server yet? Here is a link with all the info to set it up. Join us there if you are looking to play with us.
  5. vVv Azazel

    PAX South - Are you coming?

    I honestly would love to but I don't have the money nor the papers ready to get there.
  6. vVv Azazel

    CGN: Captains Draft - Rumble Edition

    oh god, imagine Grifball + Pinball + Rumble. This is Madness... I have yet to try this, but yeah everyone is saying that it is in fact fun. Overall I think doing this fun mutator presets will attract players from all skill levels, maybe with the exception of top tier players. I haven't met enough top tier players that play/enjoy these modes.
  7. vVv Azazel

    RL Pro Team Update for week 37

    I'm staying with vVv and I'm sure that I'll help on that. We are still good xD, but Brad is putting a lot of time and dedication and wanted to pursue higher opportunities (and I supported him).
  8. vVv Azazel

    Member Application - Mohulis

    I think some of the links in that thread need to be updated. E. g. "Join us in Mumble", "Donate to vVv Gaming", "Official merchandise" and "Want to join the community?"
  9. vVv Azazel

    Member Application - Mohulis

    Hey there, I'm looking to play with you more often, I'll hit you up on discord whenever I get the opportunity
  10. vVv Azazel

    CGN: Captains Draft - Rumble Edition

    I'm so sad that I missed this one. Is there going to be another like this? I'll join
  11. vVv Azazel

    The Spoon Returns

    Hey there, I noticed that you didn't include Rocket League, you have to try it!
  12. vVv Azazel

    RL Pro Team Update for week 37

    xD Yeah we'll post it as soon as possible
  13. vVv Azazel

    You may have been Compromised, Yahoo has been hacked!

    Thank god I don't use Yahoo, but thanks for the heads up.
  14. vVv Azazel

    Feedback for Casting

    I wanted to watch/review some of your replays of casting vVv but been so busy with tournaments and practicing in general. I'll do my best to watch at least a couple of matches and I'll come back here.
  15. vVv Azazel


    Hello there! See you around on discord