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  1. NEECO <HyperX>

    Job Vacancy - Cinematography

    Well, I'm sort of new to this website. But i'm writing here today because I was told about a possible vacancy for anybody with experience in the film making/cinematography industry. I was recently introduced to vVv through a friend I met on Counter Strike: Global Offensive, "vVv ZeeB". My name is Dylan Fraser, I am a 18 year old cinematographer, photographer and gamer. Three things in which I am very passionate about. My dream is to travel the world and meet new people through the medium of film and photography. To produce beautiful, inspiring projects for everyone to view. I have been passionate about film making, photography and gaming since I was 9-10, and have been on YouTube for just over 2 years now. In these 2 years my channel has received a lot of attention -almost 3k subs-, and I have inspired many to do what they love doing. The fact that my content has driven my viewers to follow their dreams, to pursue their career in film making or YouTube is something i value over anything. Early 2015 I was introduced to the Counter Strike scene, I was instantly in-love. Now 1 year later I have over 900 hours and play the game competitively every day. I am a massive fan of the professional side of this game, and have been following all LAN events since i started playing. This is where i developed the idea of mixing my passion for film making in to my passion for gaming. I spoke to one of your members "vVv Pretzl" on your TeamSpeak server, after showing him my YouTube channel he told me about this potential opportunity that vVv has to offer. He mentioned that he didn't know much details, but that it would involve travelling to various LAN events and helping with the filming of the event. I would love to speak with any admin/mod/owner about this potential opportunity, as I am very keen and interested in what vVv has to offer. I have been doing a lot of re-search and this gaming organization has some STAGGERING potential. They are doing some really great things to the gaming community and I really value this. I want to be a part of it. It doesn't just look like a great experience, It looks like a VERY educational experience for anyone who is keen to join, what's not to love right? Here is a link to -lets say my portfolio- that is YouTube; https://www.youtube.com/user/dylanmedias Here you can find ALL my projects, and all my work. Feel free to drop by and leave a comment on any of my videos, I will be happy to reply. Hope to hear back soon! Regards, Dylan.