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    COD:BO3, R6|siege, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Gran Turismo, BF4
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    Gyros, pulled pork sandwiches, pork chops, hamburgers, tacos, steak
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    Dead Pool, Avengers, F&F, Transporter, Crank, American Pie, and the list goes on and on
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    Trance, House, Chill-step, Dubstep, Electro, Rock, Alternative Rock, RnB
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    My best interest at heart is to become a pro gamer. That would be the #1 top interest that I have been striving for, for years! Besides that my other interests and or hobbies include snowboarding, sight-seeing, photography, graphic design, concerts, lan parties, among other things.

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  1. Shadow Reapa


    We need 2 more people and then we can start doing practices. Is anyone still interested? My battletag is ShadowStorm#114387 shoot me a message if interested or hit us up in TS. Thanks for reading
  2. Shadow Reapa


    Hey everyone. It's great to be back. I have been playing Overwatch since its debuted release and im hooked! Anyways, the reason why I am posting this in the events of 2016 topic is so that hopefully everyone will see this. I am currently in the midst of getting a team together for overwatch. Reason being you might ask. Because I am looking for those who want to take part in the first ever overwatch tournament starting June 27th hosted by ESL, which to the lucky winning team, will earn they're fair share of the 100k prize, and crowned champs of the first official overwatch Atlantic Showdown. Here is the link to anyone who is seriously considering doing this with me. http://www.eslgaming.com/article/esl-host-first-international-overwatch-competition-six-figure-prize-pool-gamescom-2016-2925 The great part about it, if we manage to make it through, they will pay travel costs to the winning teams. In the event your unsure about the money aspect, I got you covered. I have managed to save quite a bit of money to buy food/drinks & lodging, in the event they won't pay for all of it. So what do you say? Would anyone like to partake in this with me? Only serious people please. I have been trying for days and not one bite from anyone. If so please message me ASAP so we can do this. If you don't have an ESL account, you can make one and it won't take long to do. I have the team set up for it and all, like I said, just need the people. Thanks for reading
  3. Shadow Reapa

    Hunter help?

    1 Savannah Highmane 1 Hunter's Mark 1 Sylvanas Windrunner 1 Acidic Swamp Ooze 1 Freezing Trap 1 Cult Master 1 Tundra Rhino 1 King Krush 1 Snake Trap 1 Houndmaster 1 Unleash the Hounds 1 Explosive Trap 1 Eaglehorn Bow 1 Kill Command 1 Earthen Ring Farseer 1 Animal Companion 1 Flare 1 Zombie Chow 1 Webspinner 1 Mad Scientist 1 Sludge Belcher 1 Dr. Boom 1 Piloted Shredder 1 Antique Healbot 1 Gormok the Impaler 1 Ram Wrangler 1 Bear Trap 1 King's Elekk 1 Sir Finley Mrrgglton 1 Reno Jackson
  4. Shadow Reapa

    Stix's Application

    I have thought about speed running "The Crew", "Just Cause 3", "Until Dawn", and "The Witcher 3". Any opinions on it?
  5. Shadow Reapa

    BelievVve by cubed

    Thank you zeeb. I managed to score some crosshairs that have actually been serving some justice out on the field so I do appreciate it.
  6. Shadow Reapa

    ASUS ROG G751JT-CH71 Review

    I am actually using the same model and I absolutely love it. Asus has come a long way, and I know having this for only 2 1/2 weeks, I virtually can play anything without hesitation. There is a button located above 7 on the num pad that you can configure your game settings for each individual platform (mmorpg, fps, moba, etc...). I haven't had one problem with it, the cooling system on this is great, battery life sucks but most laptops with this much power don't last too long unplugged (I think mine and the way it's set up will go for about 2 hrs 45 mins before having to be charged). All in all this thing does rock, and I would recommend anyone curious or interested in giving it a shot. It also comes with Xsplit broadcaster built in to this for twitch or youtube use. The camera is vivid, sharp, and crisp, and the microphone works very well. My recommendation for this beast is 10/10.
  7. Shadow Reapa

    BelievVve by cubed

    what is the best cross hair for csgo saturn? i have some pretty ridiculous ones to say the least but i havent found one worth using. your opinion on what you are using at the moment or one of the better ones to use?
  8. Shadow Reapa

    BelievVve by cubed

    Hey bagzli, I remember when playing CS:S that I would go to fpsbanana.com for sprays, weapon skins, etc... Not sure if they are around anymore, or if they even deal with CS:GO but they had all sorts of fun things to apply in game. Hope that helps
  9. Shadow Reapa

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    I just got the game a few weeks ago, have been playing on and off as my main focuses are LoL, Hots, and CS:GO. If anyone wants to add me if you have it on ps4, my psn name is Importuner88
  10. Shadow Reapa

    Learners Night

    Finding coaches might be the most struggling thing in all this. Times, dates & places can all be adjusted accordingly. The first step is to find people who are willing to be coaches, fill them in with the info you've came up with thus far and see if they still want to work with it. Promoting your idea to social media is the best outlet to gain credible or not so credible people, so choose wisely. The best place to promote if you haven't done so yet, is go to RL's website on the forums and pitch your idea. I am pretty sure you will get bites at the chance, but again it all boils down to credibility which is also a struggle in itself. I know I am ranting on and on so I apologize for that. If you need help Shiro i'd be happy to lend a hand if you'd like.
  11. Shadow Reapa

    Introducing myself

    Thank you Yui Nice too meet you! Currently I am playing CS:GO, BO3 for ps4, LoL, Hots, guild wars 2, Hearthstone, BF4, minecraft, among a ton of others. I do have TS3 but do I have to fill out an application in order to join on the TS3 server?
  12. Shadow Reapa

    Learners Night

    Hey Shiro and congrats on becoming admin! Rocket league is amazing, fun and challenging. I mean cmon! Who doesn't like hitting a giant soccer ball with an RC lol. But seriously Shiro I like your idea on this. Instead of a coach for each team, why not just have a team captain? The role of a team captain is to help players, vision the team and the direction he/she wants it to head, and if they wanted to go more in-depth with it, they could also make a play book for the team to run and practice on before scrims. Just a thought I had. On a side not, are you talking RL for PC or console? I used to play it on PS4 awhile back.
  13. Shadow Reapa

    Introducing myself

    Hey ladies n gents and thank you for checking out this post. Nice to meet all of your friendly faces here at vVv. My name is Kolin and I am 28 years of age. I am a very competitive player in the gaming world, and I hope to meet a lot of people who are as well. I feel that I am not pro but I am definitely not squishy either. I play PC and PS4 only (sorry xbox lovers ). I have been in tournaments before with umg, mlg, and esports in the past. I have even participated in a magic the gathering tournament hosted by star city games and came close to being featured on a spotlight match but the points just weren't in my favor. If there is anything else you'd like to learn about me don't hesitate to ask. Again it was nice meeting you all, and I hope to game with all of you in the coming days .