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    Gears of War. hehe. TENNIS! Varsity captain baby!!! Just enjoying myself.
  1. Slyemail

    I AdReNaLiN3 I

    You finally took over that #1 spot after me tiger!!! lol.
  2. Slyemail

    SolidLuck's app

    that was HbH Solid...
  3. Slyemail

    Dade. Resume

    United is indeed looking for a fourth, but only from inside the clan. Shadowrun is wide open, though, so you can take a shot at that.
  4. Slyemail

    ReSp3cTs Application!

    tom? vVv Puma!!! Bawabus and I are pushing this!
  5. Slyemail

    Sik Knight app

    yes prisoner 56292! Snap to it!
  6. You live in houston, eh...cool. me too. which should play sometime. send me a f/r vVv Sly
  7. Slyemail

    HyPNoTiMeZ app

  8. Slyemail

    prO Excelence App..

    wow. I could not have played that clan, that would have bugged me so much. wow. I could not have played that clan, that would have bugged me so much.
  9. Slyemail

    prO Excelence App..

    okay cool. and Bloodshot it was probably {soldiers} not {Solders}
  10. Slyemail

    prO Excelence App..

    You do notice that excelence is spelled "excellence" right. lol.
  11. Slyemail

    UnLeAsHeD RusH Application.

    one word: Beast
  12. Slyemail

    Sik Knight app

    yeah, he's my homie. i think his shotgun is better than his sniper...but i dont think ive seen him at his best.
  13. Slyemail

    HbH Solid aka tCn Solid application

    Good player, I like him. He's a good snipe, just what we need.
  14. Slyemail

    UnLeAsHeD RusH Application.

    vVv Tiger
  15. Slyemail

    UnLeAsHeD RusH Application.

    Good player, one of my tryouts, did great in the scrim against pay's team. hes one of the reasons that we beat them.