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  1. Man, this roster situation is nuts for JAG. Who is the starting lineup they are likely to roll with? They have subs at all positions listed EXCEPT for mid, haha.
  2. RIP, Flame played in one, Acorn the other.
  3. Hey, thanks for this post. How exactly are we going to find out if it's Flame vs. Acorn or TBQ vs. (the other LGD jungler) before lineups lock on DK? Haven't found any roster information online/through different youtube + podcasts from experts. Feel like it's kinda risky to chose an LGD toplaner tbh. Acorn seems to be the normal starter but Flame was performing better of late and started the 2nd week of worlds for LGD... TBQ seems to be the set jungler but again, we're not 100% sure.
  4. You were totally right! Glad I listened to you and chose FNC and a lot of FNC players. Thanks again! =) (I also thought EDG would put up more of a fight). Hoping the KT vs. KOO game goes 5 and is a bloodbath, lols.
  5. Thanks for the quick response and I hear what you are saying. In DK, trying to squeeze in SKT as my team choice or heavily stack more SKT players (or even KT players though we know KOO could pull off a win) forces me to choose pretty unfavorably for the remaining positions (like AHQ players). Another Q -> Do you try to spend your entire salary when drafting a team? Glancing at different message boards ppl say that you shouldn't take salary into consideration nor feel uncomfortable with having money left over as long as you have the team you want, but I always feel uncomfortable having $500 or $1000+ left over. Maybe it's just something I should get over, =). Again, thanks for the analysis and best of luck this weekend!
  6. Hey, thanks for sharing your insight with us! Agreed, seems best to stack up on SKT players, especially since they are expected to beat AHQ (barring a SHOCKING upset). I mainly play on Draft Kings and while I do like your lineup and the thought process behind it (Maple does seem like a solid choice and yes, it's risky to choose Faker or Easyhoon given the way their rules are), did you take into account the bonus points DK assigns to players from winning teams/teams when ending a Bo5 series early? 20+/player and 15+/team for every Game Not Played (GNP) where GNP = Max games in series (5 in our case) - Games played in series (all from https://www.draftkings.com/help/lol). It seems to heavily reward you for picking players and teams that are expected to win, and I wonder if that changes some of your choices in your DK lineup since strictly by the odds, FW and FNC are not expected to win (though personally, as you said, I feel it could go either way) and they wouldn't get the point bonus if the series ended early and they lost. Apart from the SKT/AHQ Bo5, I wouldn't be surprised if the rest DO go to game 5, which makes all of this moot. But still, not sure if I should heavily bias my picks to primarily players/teams who are expected to win (ex. tweaking the roster to have SKT as my team choice rather than FNC, which is a toss-up imo with EDG, cause while FNC could still get a lot of objectives/points even in a loss, they wouldn't qualify for the GNP bonus). A penny for your thoughts.
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