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  1. riprush

    time off ........wedding

    all right im back and ready to play hope to see every one tommower at the adl so looking to get some good game's in
  2. riprush

    vVv Gaming Town Hall 04/24/16

    awsome see are going great while i was gone and i will be there this sunday hope to see you alll there
  3. riprush

    time off ........wedding

    so with my wedding in like 7 day and the honymoon after. Wanted to let those who cared that ill be gone for about 2 weeks soo well till then take care email me if you need anything i'll try to get to it but well no promises but if you do i will ready it whin i get back and responed asap so till we chat again take care
  4. riprush

    Riprushs Application

    so this will my last message on this thread as i will resining it because of the new changes to vVv i will still be around and hopfully still get to play and have fun with you as i have been but till everything get calms down and smooth out over the year i will be reapliying
  5. riprush

    Life Choices

    i think everyone has said pretty much everthing that need to be said but for last little piece of advice i can give from my life in every plane you make one make one plan in case everything fall apart (murphy law man) so even if and i mean if every thing fall apart you have a plan of action for when it do's and your not just sitting around asking your self "what do i do now " i would say and this is what i have leaned and i did it the hard way set your self up for that plan to happen so you have everything ready just incase it do's happen that way you can bounce quickly not lose everything Now by im not try to be negtive im only tring to help up incase all you plans fall though i do wish you best of luck and really hope your dreams and plan's come true like mine did so with that said Go get them
  6. riprush

    ADL Season 8 Details Thread

    awsome been waiting play in ADL again
  7. riprush

    Revs Application

    welcom and gl on the app
  8. riprush

    Ranked 5s please..................

    what the hell man sometime's i just want to hit riot in the head with a baseball bat mean ranked 5 is one of the reasons i played league but now i cant do that
  9. riprush

    ESPN Launches eSports Section

    awsome man ty for that update
  10. riprush

    vVv Fantasy LCS League?

    signed up and waiting to start this is my frist attempt at this so could be fun
  11. riprush

    vVv Fantasy LCS League?

    im down
  12. riprush

    Riprushs Application

    around 12 to 1 or 2 if needed
  13. riprush

    Riprushs Application

    can we do it tommower im busy today if not tommower how about sunday
  14. riprush

    Riprushs Application

    hey sorry i did not reply but i would like when you get the chace for you help with some thing to help me improve i want to get your insight on lol play so when ever your free and got some time just let me know
  15. im glade medusa going to be president im glad  for her also as a side not gota remember  to stay in a middle of a fight and wacth postioning  and to use my ult even btter to get the max out of it