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    Gaming gaming gaming! Im here to prove my worth. Im trying to represent my favorite gaming organization vVv, weather its competing or making game clips.
    Check out my montages here! ⤵⤵⤵

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  1. lookingforagearsteam

    vVv Halo 5 'Clan'

    Im interested in this
  2. lookingforagearsteam

    Im creating a Halo 5 competitive team. Read for more details!

    Name: (Gary Bechtel) Age: (23) Gender: (Male) Gamertag: (BeiieveinB11) Country & State: (Pennsylvania) Time Zone: (Eastern) When will you have Halo 5: Guardians: (Tomorrow at 330pm) What headset do you use: (Astros A40s) What controller do you use (Scuff, CinchGaming, and Xbox Elite are allowed): (i use a scuf) Do you use Kontrol Freeks? If so which ones: (no) Do you want Arena, GameBattles, or both: (both) How competitive are you? (When it comes to halo or gears of war VERY competitive) Have you ever competed in a video game tournament? (Just local ones) Do you watch eSports? How often? (Yes everyday i can) What competitive team(s) do you support? (CLG and whatever team naded is on lol) What is your availability for tryouts, trials, and/or team competitions? (Mon-sun any time after 3pm when im home from work) Interest level 1-10: (9) Any suggestions you would have for this post or the process?
  3. lookingforagearsteam

    Focusing vVv Gaming on its Successes

    Definitely a sad moment for the console division :'(((. Goodluck with the pc division and whatever else vvv has coming for the future
  4. lookingforagearsteam

    DarkJedi Has Returned!

    Hey man! I will definitely be getting halo 5 and halo is the top game im best at and take serious. Ever want to play add me on xbox GT: AcctV
  5. lookingforagearsteam

    My Application Xbox One Division

    Nice application. Welcome and goodluck bro!
  6. lookingforagearsteam

    gow UE montage

    Hey guys just dropped another montage! Sniper montage for gears of war! Subscribe to my channel and let me know what everyone thinks! Thanks https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVbxXjXcI5OsBnx932md99g
  7. lookingforagearsteam

    My vVv Application!

    Dropping my newest montage for gears of war! Sniper montage. Subscribe to my youtube channel and let me know what you all think! Thanks :). https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVbxXjXcI5OsBnx932md99g
  8. lookingforagearsteam


    Hey man, make sure you fill out the actual xbox application to apply. You can find out how to apply in the xbox division pinned forum. Goodluck!
  9. lookingforagearsteam

    Hey Guys. :D I'm New.

    Hello and welcome hope you enjoy your stay here!
  10. lookingforagearsteam

    Introduction Of Myself

    Hi and welcome to vVv hopefully you enjoy your stay! I myself am a very big fan of halo and am an applicant for the xbox division. But you want to become and the name vVv id suggest you apply for the division of the console you have which im assuming its xbox. Best of luck to you bud!
  11. lookingforagearsteam

    Beast's Guitar Hero Application!

    Hey man! Just dropping by to say hi and welcome and best of luck on your application bud!
  12. Im so excited and cannot wait! I just watched the luke skywalker trailer game play!
  13. lookingforagearsteam

    V3 One Promise application

    oh okay nice. Maybe we can play halo 5 together when it comes out maybe possibly start a team? My GT is AcctV
  14. lookingforagearsteam

    V3 One Promise application