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  1. vVv ExiLee

    Cammers Application

    Hey Cam! Welcome to vVv! Hope you enjoy your stay and hope to get to know you! Any questions feel free to pm me or other community members!
  2. vVv ExiLee

    Genuhsis application

    I played in the Bawabus days, the dude was a amazing player overall a legend in vVv. Dude if you got a Xbox let’s run some gears, and welcome to vVv! If you have any questions let me know 🤘🏽
  3. vVv ExiLee

    Eddie's App

    Gonna get you on the map boi!
  4. vVv ExiLee

    Saviors Application

    Great dude, good on GoW. Another player I see in here 👍🏽 Ill be on soon!
  5. vVv ExiLee

    Beerdo returns.

    Can’t wait to hop on Xbox with you and get some games going!
  6. vVv ExiLee

    Kano application

    Welcome Kane! If you have any questions I’m here to help! Explore our community an see what interests you!
  7. vVv ExiLee

    B1zkit Formerly vVv Bizkit Application

    Welcome back to vVv Bizkit, I think with your knowledge and mine we should definitely link up and have a entrepreneur talk! like I said, welcome back!
  8. vVv ExiLee

    A little bit about me

    Hope to get to know everyone sooner or later! But so far I really do feel welcomed by everyone and this is amazing. What I missed from 07-08 time was the loyalty that every member had here. It’s great to be back, can’t wait to put vVv back on the map with esports! 💯
  9. vVv ExiLee

    Nikki (vVv Nyx) Application

    Hope to play with ya soon! Looking forward to always have old members have back and it’s nice to see 💯
  10. vVv ExiLee

    GoW 4 Rooms

    Practice makes perfect!
  11. vVv ExiLee

    My vVv Gaming Plan

    I’m here for this boss, you an LJ will succeed and all of us as well. I believe in you since the day we spoke! I’m here for the long run. Always 100% support.
  12. vVv ExiLee

    A little bit about me

    I appreciate you all, truly. I’m here for good!
  13. vVv ExiLee

    A little bit about me

    Hello everyone, you guys either remember me from 07-08 on here or if you don’t I can’t wait to play and meet everyone. Aside from that I use to be a old Gears Of War Vet, I always played against and with every vVv member back in Gears 1 era. I recently stumbled across the website these past couple weeks and I was like wow I can’t believe the site is still up an running. So I found out my bud Exodus running the site and now I’m here with everyone. Y’all don’t understand how much Nostalgia this brings to me, I needed to find a home in gaming and I’m happy and proud to say this is my home with everyone here, I can’t wait to make vVv great again in esports, I can’t wait for the future of vVv, I’m excited to see the site grow full of new and old members again. Exodus I truly thank you for bringing me back here. Cant wait to help others, be there for others and lastly support others. Mad love to all, your friend ExiLe!
  14. vVv ExiLee

    Member Application - Stitches aka vVv Stitches

    Stitches!!! My brother! Damn it’s been that long, holy cannoli! I’m glad to see you back bro it’s been a minute, can’t wait to play GoW with you again 💯
  15. vVv ExiLee

    Thank you for allowing me to reintroduce myself

    I’m here for you brother all the way! Glad an happy to see you’re back in business, I’m always here my bro 🙏🏽