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  1. Hey friends, whats new? Haven't been on for a bit but hopefully will be more active with the work schedule more under control

    1. Angry Doktor

      Angry Doktor

      I remember new packs of pokemon cards.  The best new smell in the game.

  2. ChubbieChunkins

    Fallout 4 worth it?

    Fallout 4 is great IMO. I've always been a fallout fan and was looking forward to 4. I just finished the main story line and I'm tempted to play through again to make alternate choices in the main story and to try different S.P.E.C.I.A.L. talent tree builds. Just make sure to enjoy all the side quests that are available to you. Explore all the dungeons and fortifications you can find, that makes the game for me. Wandering wherever your curiosity takes you makes the game great for me. If you rush through the main story to the end you can lose purpose and intent for exploring the rest of the game. Its a massive, in-depth world with a lot of Side-stories and adventures, don't rush through it.
  3. ChubbieChunkins

    who still plays

    I had a big transition in my professional life over the Summer and Fall so I haven't been able to play much since. Its starting to cool down a bit now so I will be getting back into it whenever I can
  4. ChubbieChunkins

    [Overwatch] Why You Will Love It.

    This does look pretty fun, I've been kind of skeptic of an fps by blizzard, but I'd definitely give this a shot. Has anyone here actually played it yet?
  5. ChubbieChunkins

    Looking for Hearthstone players

    ChubbieChunk#1626 Add me! I'm usually on at least once daily to keep my quests under control and allow maximum gold output. Also for anyone who didn't know (like me until recently) you can re-roll your quests by exing them out. can only do this one time per quest.
  6. ChubbieChunkins

    Passed my licensure exams!

    Thank you. Licensed in pharmacy. So I'll be a full-on pharmacist coming up
  7. ChubbieChunkins

    Passed my licensure exams!

    Heyo Whats up guys I haven't been around all that much the past few weeks, it was serious crunch time for the last two exams of my life so I had to prioritize. I passed them both and now I'm just waiting for the license to come in the mail. What did I miss?
  8. It's crunch time for my exam, so I won't be physically away for the next week or so, but I will be dedicated my time to the final preparation for the tests.
  9. ChubbieChunkins

    Post your Battle.net ID!

    Ripple#1315 Would like to do some hero league, if anyone else does.
  10. ChubbieChunkins

    4 Ways Growing Up Changes The Way You See Video Games

    I'm in the #2 phase lol. trying to transition into adult life, and still trying to find the time to cool off with some video games. interesting article
  11. ChubbieChunkins

    As One Flag Falls, Another Flag Rises

    A historic and symbolic landmark of national progress
  12. ChubbieChunkins

    spotify or pandora

    spotify. only $10 a month for premium, which lets you play whatever you want on your phone (free version, you can only play playlists on shuffle). no ads. spotify does everything that pandora can do (ie. randomized and tailored radio stations) but has so many more options such as custom playlist creation, following other people's playlists, etc. Spotify you can "Browse" genres of music and see all the playlists in any genre with the highest number of followers. (I always put on the "Coffee Table Jazz" playlist and play it in the background when my parents come over to visit, just so I seem more debonair and put together than I actually am, I think it works) Spotify also has a function (premium) for running. It will ask you to start running at your own pace, then it will create a running playlist for you to match your steps (or beats) per minute. Its a neat idea because the song is in perfect tempo with my stride and keeps me motivated. The songs for this though can sometimes be goofy
  13. ChubbieChunkins

    How do you do?

    Welcome! If you need a fill-in for LoL or HotS add me ChubbieChunkins and Ripple#1315 (respectively)
  14. ChubbieChunkins

    Hey guys! New to vVv, Looking to get involved

    been into league for a few years, but I've also really been enjoying Heroes of the Storm lately