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  1. Rowdy

    CS:GO Team Recruitment!

    Once you have your computer fixed and your back up and running add me on steam either RowdyDevan that's my main ranked DMG and second account Diddly which is also DMG. I can help yall out with tactics or anything yall really need help with and I have my pretty regular guys I que up with if yall would like a scrimmage or anything just to see where yall are at we are always up to help and give pointers out.
  2. Rowdy

    CS GO applicant

    Sorry spike but I have to highly disagree with your reasoning behind why there is no activity on his application. No body is taking charge of the CS:GO division or bringing any activity to it. There is only one app on CS that is getting attention at this moment but here he has had his application in since July 23rd. Tell me how many people have asked questions or anything on his application? Now go to the xbox Division and find one where their app's have been there since July 23rd. Yes vVv's big part is being interactive on the website, social media, and in game. Well I can personally say he is always active on steam, because I play with him every single day. Yes his on forum activity has been poor but please tell me, after looking at the CSGO division and looking at the other app's for the division and their activity and the CSGO Division members, what would make him motivated to be apart of vVv?? Hardly anyone questions or comments on his application, no one invites him to play a game, Hell I have never even play with YOU before spike, I have played with NewClear Atomic, Tipo, Soggywaffles, etc. Yes I did bring Skorzz in as an applicant, even after my departure from vVv I encouraged him to stay and just see how awesome of a community it is. Well needless to say he keeps asking me when does it become awesome because right now even the members aren't active in CS or any other game with app's like they should be. But this is all just my point of view what do I know ive only been playing CS;GO for about 2 months now. add me on steam if any of yall would like to play steam id is RowdyDevan and im Master Guardian 2
  3. Rowdy

    Finally Got to Gold Nova II

    Well im GNM and you already have me on steam and my stream is http://www.twitch.tv/rowdydevan
  4. Rowdy

    Lets See Some ACTIVITY!

    Having our own server deff would not hurt. But as far as learning and improving, idk who we would be teaching right now between active CS members and app's we would barely have enough for a 5 man team honestly
  5. Rowdy

    Ex-vVv Australian Returning

    Hey bud thank you for your application!! Great looking app but if you can explain a little bit more on the Competitive Tournament experience you have. You said you used to be around here a lot then kinda left what exactly made you leave the first time? What made you come back and decide to apply? Other than that please feel free to add me on steam and we can grind out some together sometime! http://steamcommunity.com/id/rowdydevan
  6. Rowdy

    Lets See Some ACTIVITY!

    hahah fuck you B Easy I round up okay my math teachers never taught us to round accordingly..... I guess that is why child support is so high in the south??? hahahahha
  7. Rowdy

    Lets See Some ACTIVITY!

    I know some of yall might not know me which is okay but it saddens me because I have been with this organization and a member of this community for about 6 months now. But let me tell yall a little bit about myself and in return I would like to hear a little bit about yall... I am a highly competitive player, always have been in any game I am playing. I used to be in the CoD division until I switched over to the CS Division. I am a highly active streamer and stream about 10 hours if not more a day. I can be your best friend and am willing to teach you anything and everything I know. I am currently trying to recruit for the CS Division and get the division to be way more active. When I set my mind to it I 9 times out of 10 succeed in whatever it is I am trying to accomplish. I do not give up just because something is hard or its time consuming. I love to have a vast amount of people to play with on anything I am playing. Now it is your turn to tell me a little bit about yourself and help me get to know you. Right now my main focus is building the CS Division to be something we can all be proud of and say we are apart of. Right now besides me and a few others the division is dead and I want that to change asap. So please help a fellow gamer and member out. Thank you all
  8. Rowdy

    CSGO: Application

    Heck yeah bud I seen the other day that you accepted my friend request or sent me one not sure but I know we are friends now so we can play here soon buddy! Why don't you point some of your friends that you play with towards the site and push them to applicants if you don't mind me asking?
  9. Rowdy

    What The Hell Happened to vVv?

    You know I have not been with this community for very long at all. But when I was in the applicant process in the beginning there was always maybe a handful of people online and less than that who I could actually get into a game with me and play with on CoD. But, I stayed active and kept pushing to play with as many members as I possibly could to help get to know the people who represented vVv Gaming and to know their passions. It seemed like when I got my V's I had so many people on everyday that it was damn near impossible to just sit back and relax for a day and just play pubs by myself, I was constantly being invited into a ranked lobby or people wanting to play GB's. Near the end of my time with the CoD Division it seemed to have been going back on the decline of activity and right before a turn of very unfortunate events of my xbox being stolen I was talking with everyone on how we could get the activity back. Now I am over on the CS division and let me tell you, besides the few that came with me to the CS Division there is only one CS Division member that I have played with and that is vVv Plague the other is Aeroglow. I am currently in the process of recruiting for the CS Division and trying to get our numbers up and get more activity but as far as actual division members, Where the hell are they?? Ive been in the division going on two weeks now and have only played with two?? Lets get fuckin real that's not a division that might as well be two rando's that you occasionally play with. Now I am fearing that with the ties being cut with our pro team that the future is not very bright for the CS Division unless I can somehow figure out how to turn out some new people for applicants and get the current members to be active again.
  10. Rowdy

    vVv CS:GO Application

    Welcome back nifty! Glad I finally get to talk with you after hearing so much about ya! Feel free to add me on steam maybe we can play together sometime http://steamcommunity.com/id/rowdydevan/ but on a more serious note I have to ask.. Why did you come back??
  11. Rowdy

    CSGO: Application

    Hey buddy thank you for your application!! Great looking app i must say! So what is the main role you enjoy playing on a team? Do you enjoy learning all the smoke spots and easy pick lanes on new maps? Do you have a 5 man that you already tend to run with or do you usually just tend to solo Que up? Feel free to add me on steam so we can play together! I am ranked Gold Nova Master right now going for that MG1 But here is my steam profile and i hope to play with you soon bud! http://steamcommunity.com/id/rowdydevan/
  12. Rowdy

    Kostaroark vVv Cod app

    Well its looking like its going to be a min of two Weeks before i can be back on xbone so with that being said yes my primary game will be CS:GO at this moment in time atleast until i can get my Xbone and get my games up. I have been playing with Kosta on CS:GO along with Tipo and strrudel. I would not mind interacting with the CS side and help get them back up off their booty holes and get some action going on that side but as far as switching to CS as my main focus. I personally will not be doing that for the simple reason as soon as i get my xbone back im going to be on CoD agian. But, yall have to see it from what kosta is trying to say. With him working on growing his Youtube we can get everyone to pitch in clips from their games and he can make a montage for his youtube shining spot light on members and app's. Therefor adding Content Creation under "How are you adding Value" question. Me personally i am a multi game competitive player, but you can only do the same thing 14 hours a day for so long before you really start looking at something as a bourdon.
  13. Rowdy

    vVv Rowdy gone for 3 days

    i enjoyed my vacation but come home to find all of my shit was stolen and my back door was kicked in. all in all about 6K of electronics and school books were stolen
  14. Hey guys im just giving yall a heads up that i am leaving today and i will be back sunday afternoon. I am heading to the river to meet up with some of my childhood friends for the 4th of july weekend. So if yall need anything from me or need to update me on anything just shoot me a pm or message me on skype and i will respond as soon as i get home. hope everyone has an awesome 4th of July! Now everyone embrace your redneck side and go get drunk and blow some shit up!
  15. What is something everyone would like to see more of from myself?? Dont be gentle...

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