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  1. Gift

    Solo Queue Improvement

    Had that in mind, just didn't have enough time last night to get it worked out, the idea hit at 2 am lol
  2. Gift

    League Question of the Day

    Since I only support, I personally only buy either of these items when I'm trolling :^) With the recent buff to PD I think the majority of the time I lean towards it. I'll grab SS when I need waveclear or a little extra burst
  3. Posting and updating constantly (most likely daily-weekly) to gauge improvement. Contact me (on League, through the forums, on twitter, facebook, anywhere) if you'd like to be added to the thread. Possibly giving out RP to huge improvements in rank over time, or other prizes. Every single person should be playing ranked and hopefully improving. I think this is a good way to show everyone your ranked journey Green shows increase in rank. Yellow shows no change in rank. Red shows decrease in rank. Fatawanfanch: Platinum III when rewards were given out, Platinum I before Season 5 ranked reset. Currently Platinum I, 23 - 19 [54%] as of 3/24. OP.GG Onegarion: Gold IV when rewards were given out, Platinum V before Season 5 ranked reset. Currently Gold III, 19 - 26 [42%] as of 3/24. OP.GG Gift of Thresh: Gold V when rewards were given out, Gold 5 before Season 5 ranked reset. Currently Gold III, 80 - 82 [49%] as of 3/24. OP.GG FenixSniper: Platinum V when rewards were given out, Platinum V before Season 5 ranked reset. Currently Gold IV, 54 - 65 [45%] as of 3/24. OP.GG Tipobajito: Silver V when rewards were given out, Silver V before Season 5 ranked reset. Currently Bronze II, 9 - 22 [41%] as of 3/25. OP.GG
  4. Gift

    Gift's Application

    I have no idea man, Guild Wars 2 kind of owns me right now
  5. Gift

    Imba Application

    Glad I found you through reddit man! Good luck with the app and welcome. I'm ChaoticHonour btw
  6. Gift

    Onegarion's Application

    Definitely one of my new favorite friends in vVv after the 5+ hours we just spent talking. Hope you're not too tired at work today, gl hf
  7. Gift

    Gift's Application

    I think the natural competitive attitude I have bothers people, which I don't quite understand since vVv is a competitive community. Winning>fun to me 99% of the time. I also think it bothers some people that my main reason for being here isn't to make friends. I mean the friends I've made are great and I value them and I'm sure we'll be friends for a while, it's like an added bonus, but I'm mainly here to improve.
  8. Gift

    Gift's Application

  9. Gift

    Gift's Application

    Glad we were able to talk today! We had some good ideas bouncing back and forth off of each other, can't wait for some of them to become real Especially the writing stuff. You gave me the little idea push I needed to get motivated, appreciate it a lot.
  10. Wish NaJin was going to IEM

  11. Gift

    Gift's Application

    Really tough question for me. For starters, I'm liking it a lot. I feel I've made quite a few friends, some lasting, some temporary. And I've improved my own play a ton, which is a big part of why I'm here. On the down side, I feel like I'm not meshing into the community well at all. I've already basically made an enemy of someone I liked a lot, and I'm sure multiple people have negative opinions on me. I feel like I.. "annoy" a few staff members, is the best way to put it. I've talked about it with a few people but I can't seem to come up with what I'm doing wrong. My personality just isn't working. Which is fine, I mean not everyone is a fit everywhere. It's frustrating though, vVv is somewhere I'd really like to be, for a lot of reasons. I'm working on trying to fit in better but I'm not sure it's showing. People agree I'm doing better than I did on my first few days here, but that may not matter in the long run. Currently I feel like I'm for sure not going to get accepted. I enjoyed ADL for the first few weeks a ton! It started to get stale to me though, so I haven't played in nearly a month or so I believe. I enjoy casting infinitely more than playing anyways. ADL just felt a bit random to me, not as competitive as I'd like
  12. Gift

    Looking for California players

    Could go but not 21 rip
  13. Gift

    LoL Community Team Initiative

    I'm in - would much rather be a coach/analyst if I could.
  14. Gift

    Gift's Application

    I'm slowly taking your casting job, be ready! The climb is going pretty well. I believe we're both in Silver 1 currently? I'm 7-8~ wins from being where I finished last season, feel like I've improved a lot for sure since last then. I'm on the Leona train, boots of mobility + 2 greens and a pink first back, followed by roaming mid/top when bot is pushed. Learning to impact the game no matter what's going on.