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    Chelsea Wilson
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    Terrace, B.C., Canada
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    Stay Fhrosty
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    Call of Duty, Minecraft, League of Legends
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    Spaghetti, pizza, steak, and ice cream
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    I listen to everything.

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  1. Fhrosty

    Away Time

    Guess whose baack!
  2. Fhrosty

    Away Time

    Hello peeps, So I've been inactive and unable to get to my laptop until now, I will be away for a few weeks given my current health state, having to be in the hospital a lot I won't be able to have much social time. I am unable to provide exact dates due to it being my health. Sorry folks, Fhrosty.
  3. Fhrosty

    Leaague games

    This may be a noob question, but, what do you mean by freeze the wave? Other then that, exactly tips and advice, thank you a bunch Yui!
  4. Fhrosty

    Leaague games

    Hey felllow vVv'ers! So I recently started playing as a level 30, learning how to top lane, mid, and jungle. I'm currently working on: Illaoi, Morgana, Amumu, Warwick, and going to start on Shyvanna, and I still have Ashe as my main, I've seen some plays as her being a jungler? Any thoughts on that? I'm hoping I could get some tips for these champions, and hopefully get some new people to play with as well!
  5. Bummed out that League is down!

  6. Bong tokes and league with friends, awh yeah.

  7. Fhrosty

    Well than. Part 1

    Everything must go, it's a fact. But it doesn't mean it's going to be easy to accept. Have you ever just sat in a coffee shop and asked yourself, "What if I made smaller, better choices in my past?" I don't think many people really think about that, sorry, think about those kinds of simple questions very often, or at all. I mean come on, what if you were that teenager in High School that never did any of those drugs that everyone thought was so "cool?" .. Or what if you were that teenager that went to parties and did drugs? Switch those two roles around, from if you didn't to you did, and if you did to you didn't. ~ Would you be any different than what you are today? ~ Would your social group be any different today from what it was, or how it is now? What if you had your parents through out every single choice you had to make growing up? But then again, what if you didn't have that growing up? Would you be who you are today?.. or hey, what if you were one of the many children/teenagers that didn't have parents growing up, or you did but they were never supportive in your life choices? ~ How would you be different today? Have you ever thought about how your life could of been with making different choices than what you have through out your life? Or how different your life could be today if you did things differently? Do you think about how fortunate you really are? To be able to have a roof over your head, food in your stomach, and a group of friends and family that loves you? It boggles my mind to know in the back of my head that there are so many countries out there that are populated with children that have absolutely nothing, and are literally just skin and bones, and EVERY choice they make is a choice between life and death. Doesn't that just tug at your heart strings, to know that a child or a family somewhere far off is literally suffering and having to make some seriously tough choices, just to get by? We waste so much materials, and produce on a every day basis, every where on this universe, yet very few people ever think about how much we are taking for granted.. We appreciate very little of what we have today.. When the world has decided it has had enough of or vulgarity of life, and it just destroys itself, or we destroy it, all we will have is each other, politics, money, fame, and everything in between will no longer exist. We will have to learn to let others help us, and vice versa because in reality, to survive it can either be, survival of the fit, or death of the weak, just like it is every day we live now, or we can take things with a grain of salt and start helping each other more. Some day it won't just be just humans vs humans, it'll be humans vs animals, vs the universe, who do you honestly think will win that battle? To be continued...
  8. New LoL Account MrsFhrosty

  9. LoL Username - Stay Fhrosty

  10. Wanting more people to play with on LoL, Champion name is Cpt Fhrosty - or MissFhrosty

  11. Changed my GT to Despite Fhrosty add me!

  12. Playing Call of Duty Black Ops II add me iTz Fhrosty!