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  1. Gamingdruid

    Gamingdruid is back but not has you know it!

    Alittle bit under the weather atm so as soon as im better ill be on discord thank you for the invite
  2. Gamingdruid

    Donation Drive Jersey Update

    When you guys do a new jersery would love to be able to get one. wanted one so badly when i saw echleon wear it back at i52
  3. Gamingdruid

    Gamingdruid is back but not has you know it!

    Awww shame was so looking forward in buying one and thank you for the welcome
  4. So many of you may have seen my last post was a few years ago, about my computer messing up but I'm back with a new computer to be apart of the vVv Community. So this is a re-introduction to you all in the vVv Community, hopefully you can all welcome me back with cookies and open arms! Little stuff about me Real name: Connor Alexander. (Can call me by my GT's) GT's: XaNITY, Sythrilix3n & Tinkerballs Games i play atm: CSGO, LoL, BF1(xbox), Destiny & Other games also soon to be Infinite Warfare/Modern Warfare RE (PS4) Favorite Color: Black, Purple Favorite Game Series (1 to 5): 1) MGS 2) Dynasty Warriors 3) Guitar Hero 4) TimeSplitters 5) Dead Rising I would really love to get back into the vVv Community and play with the Community on different games. I was doing a ICT course a College which was ok but didn't pass my 3rd year, so i did get a job working in a kitchen which i work mostly finishes so i'll be closing the kitchen down for the morning staff. So when i'm free from work i tend to practice CSGO & League or either create YT Videos/Stream but i'm trying to build my career either has a Youtuber or a Professional Gamer. If you have any questions about to ask me or anything i will gladly reply to you (I'm abit shy at first but once i get used to you all i'll be fine) (P.S) Any chance the vVv Jersery's are able to be purchased. Would really like one
  5. Gamingdruid

    PC R KILL!

    Just letting you guys know that my PC has been shutting down recently with a message such as RawInputDatatype.exe or RawInputDevicetype.exe has been shutting down my PC recently but now the graphics fan on the graphics card isn't spinning and Monitor not responding so i've taken it to the shop to be looked at and i think might be wiped i don't know. So i might get by Christmas but i might not?
  6. Gamingdruid


    Thank you
  7. Gamingdruid

    what song are you currently listening too?

    I love this cover!
  8. Gamingdruid

    Any walking dead fans?

    I think the next episode of this season before it goes off until February will be good and leave alot of plots for viewers to think what's gonna happen because the group I sit with at college we always talk about it on the Tuesday, but since I'm UK I get it on a Monday, Any ways back onto the subject, what do you guys think of this season have you enjoyed it do you have any ideas what's gonna happen in the next 2 seasons? also who is your favourite character or if they have died who was?
  9. Gamingdruid

    Community Social Media Accounts

    TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TE_Gamingdruid FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/connor.g.alexander YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingDruid101 I make videos from time to time on my channel something to pass the time. I do have another twitter but my other one is my personal twitter
  10. Gamingdruid


    Chillstep, nightcore (have to be good versions of nightcore) and instrumental version of songs
  11. Gamingdruid


    Anything really, I just throw any random stuff on and play with it
  12. Gamingdruid


    No worries. Great night last night really had fun i'll keep coming to them
  13. Gamingdruid

    what song are you currently listening too?

    G.R.L - Ugly heart (I love the tune to the song)
  14. Gamingdruid


    I've just updated my interests and hobbies part. I do attended college from Mondays to Thursdays to about 3pm GMT then i sit at home and play lol with vVv echelon or talk to him on skype i don't really hang out with friends really.
  15. Gamingdruid


    I'm interested in the community and forming a team.