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  1. Mika

    The Calls

    Crazy back and forth fight after that baron and then Ahri almost dying but still had zhonyas OP!! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed this! If I remember to capture some footage I'd be down to post some play highlights as well. Would be interesting to do this as a community.
  2. Mika

    Hello! Re-Introduction

    Hi everyone, My name is Michelle, but please feel free to call me Mika (mee-ka). I was a previous member here and really miss the community. I hope I get a chance to interact and play with all you amazing people! Currently I am playing League of Legends and Overwatch. I'm excited to jump onto the Discord server when its available so we can chat (:
  3. Mika

    Member Application - Mika

    Application Questions: Name: Michelle Galvez Age: 25 Location: San Diego, CA Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/mikakittles Battle.Net Tag: Mikachu#1427 What is the game you are currently most active in and why? League of Legends - I'm trying to get to gold before the season ends for those end of season rewards! With Dynamic Queue in full swing, I love jumping into ranked with a friend or two and grind some games out. (I feel Dyanmic Queue helps save your sanity when grinding through ranked) What are some other games that you currently play? Overwatch, Tabletop Sim, Monster Hunter Gen How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? I was a member a few years back when I was active on the MMO Archeage. I was initially referred to check out vVv by Jerry whom I met at a Riot Games interview. Since my last visit here, I was pre-occupied with some IRL items such as moving, relocating, and finding a new job. Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How did you get to know them? Most notable member I remember is Bagzli. He was my guild leader on Archeage, a great leader that really showed me the meaning of sticking together and being a community which is what brought me back here! Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? I want to meet new friends and thrive in a community where I can support and help my fellow members. I enjoy being a part of a team, and nothing beats a team of individuals who are passionate about gaming. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I dabble in cosplay, I enjoy going to conventions, I make and eat lots of foods, I love board games, and I'm a cat person. I love meeting and talking to new people, not just as part of my job, but as a genuine experience. I feel people add value to our lives and the more people you get to know the more you can learn, enjoy, and experience. How do you plan to add value to vVv Gaming? I hope to add value to the vVv Gaming community by being an active and supportive member, assisting in promoting events, and spreading community brand and presence. Do you attend LAN Events? Yes, if they are within affordable travel distance to me! Will you be meeting with us in person at PAX SOUTH in January of 2017? Unfortunately no ): However if anyone is attending TwitchCon in San Diego or planning to go to League of Legends World Finals in LA, I am down to meet and hang!
  4. Mika

    Adventures with Cezzles and Joan!

    Omg I love this! What an adventure! Take me take me take me next time <e!
  5. Running low on labor? Have absolutely ZERO labor? Do not fear my friends! There is still much we can do Here is a compiled list of things to do when you're running short of labor. Feel free to add to the list!!! 1. Hasla Farming: Get your primary and secondary weapons to Tier 3. Also fun place to score some honor points killing reds. Not ready to PvP yet? Just stick near your fellow greens and you should be safe (: 2. GHA Dungeon: If you don't have decent armor yet, this is a cheap way to get gear that can hold you over until crafted gear. 3. Arena: Not too fun unless you're decently geared. 5v5 isn't too bad, and you gain honor as well. You can test out new builds / classes and see how people fight. Good, but sometimes brutal learning experience. 4. Dueling: Challenge people to a duel! See what classes you find yourself struggling against and find ways around their mechanics. 5. Pirating: Tired of getting robbed by the enemy red faction (AKA the Easterners)? Get on a boat and scout for their incoming merchant/fishing boats. Loot their precious merchandise! Make many profits! (If you steal packs and don't have labor to turn in, save them on your farm for later, saves you labor instead of having to craft them yourself!) 6. Daily Rifts and Gilda Quests: Grimghast and Crimson Rift in Cinderstone. 500 honor per rift, you can do this once per day, that's 1000 honor a day! Turn in your honor points for some fancy items at the honor point NPC. 7. Halcyona War: Kill some reds, defend your great nation Nuia! The honor medals you receive from this will allow you to craft a pretty nifty necklace. 8. World Bosses: Hunt the world bosses to get some cool gear. Might need the help of a decent sized group for this! But invite you guilds, friends, everyone! 9. Red Hunting: Take a visit to Haranya and kill the reds! Gotten killed while you were leveling? Now's your chance to show em and beat em up! 10. Auroria Farming: As low as the drop rates are, the gears from Auroria do indeed drop. If you have time to kill, why not! 11. Adventuring: Leveled to 50 before you reached all the continent areas? Adventure all the areas!
  6. Mika

    Guild Events!

    vVv GUILD EVENTS 1.) GHA Dungeon 2.) Fishing 3.) Pirating Reds - (REDS ONLY, we are Green friendly!!) 4.) Dueling / Practice PvP 5) Drowned Love Dungeon 6) Serpentis 7) Kill reds on Haranya Convenient Times For Events to be Held: TBA Cezera - 6PM - 12PM PST Devilsarrow - 8 - 10 PM EST Mika - 8pm - 12 AM PST Luigiman - Bagzli - 7pm - 10pm EST Joanne - Snowdear - Universe- Moonshine - Kyrou - Eva- Hursutene -
  7. Mika

    Seren's MMO Application

    Hi Randy (I finally know your real name now haha!) I'm so glad you're putting in an application (: I'm so jealous of your travels! Traveling is on my agenda too, just hard to find time off work ): Where in Asia are you interested in traveling?
  8. I'll be there (: Excited to start getting some events rolling!
  9. Mika

    Need Recruitment

    Hope to see you then! Feel free to PM me in game: Mikachu if you have any questions or need some help with anything (:
  10. Mika

    Any raids yet?

    AA does focus more on the PvP aspect. PvE stuff is mostly just for farming gear in instanced dungeons. There's more dungeons coming in soon so I'm looking forward to those. Come join us! We could use more friendly faces (:
  11. Mika

    Hello vVv im Baccccccck!

    Welcome back (: Do you play mostly FPS / Console games?
  12. Mika

    Re-Welcome to Community - _Echo

    Welcome back (:
  13. Mika

    Mika's Application

    If possible could I get my application moved to MMOs? Most of my time is currently spent on Archeage ): Will still be playing league though! <33
  14. Mika

    OLlama's Application

    Wow that's quite a variety of languages your'e trying to learn there! If you ever need someone to practice taglog with, I'm down for that haha. I could use some practice myself. I'm fluent but the only people I speak tagalog with are my parents ): I feel like I've seen your name in the vVv archeage guild too, was that you?
  15. Mika

    Fas' Application

    Hey Fas! (: Good luck on your application. Hope to catch you on mumble and get some games in sometime! I'm really impressed with your progress. Silver 2 to Diamond is quite an accomplishment.