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  1. So I was having some really odd graphical problems with Archeage recently. As you can see below, just general wierd stuff such as glider not showing up, mounting improperly, mailboxes not loading. The odd thing was other than these the game was running just fine. So I gave up and lived with it for a bit, then yesterday after a spybot sweep they stopped. I don't know what was causing them but one spybot sweep fixed every weird bug I have been experiencing on archeage. Anyway, I hope this maybe helps somebody?
  2. MJ12

    Just a video for fun

    I want to do this so bad now
  3. MJ12

    Land Rush Video Demo

    Thank you for the video, going to have to watch through a few times to pay attention to the quests you grab:P fantastic music!
  4. I really wish i had known this my first play through had to go back and do it at lvl 40
  5. Do explorers stashes drop the compensation? also, what is the minimum level requirements for the nodes?
  6. MJ12

    Anyone like Battlefield 3?

    I sadly have played the battlefield series from the begining and miss the days of 1942/battlefield 2. They don't have the same community as they used to, there used to be 20 mods for each game all highlighting different aspects of the game. Mods like those made lots of community and really added some depth to the game, even the silly mods like pirates were quite fun to hop into when you wanted to mix it up, and almost always provided a laugh
  7. I don't even get the people who hate on zombies, I am also extremely glad to see it in there. Every once in awhile it's nice to take a break from the routine and kill some flesheaters
  8. MJ12

    First impressions of Archeage in 3 words

    Must, play, more (seriously, I had to get the alpha, I couldn't put it down)