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  1. Thanks lol I really appreciate it! I just wish things could work out faster so that I can get my X1 and become a part of the community a lot faster and game with everybody and get to my MLG dream. hahaha
  2. Hey! They are doing great, thanks for asking. vVv is awesome and everything I expected in a community and then some.
  3. + = SugarBears Right I will remember that from now on lol
  4. Okay yes sir , that makes sense. Like I have said, I hope to betting an X1 sometime withing the next month or so but I am not certain.
  5. I should have the xbox one within the next month or so. and if could I still participate in the community if my app is closed?
  6. I'm hoping to get it within the next month or so.
  7. Thanks dude lol I was wondering when you were going to comment on it haha. And I am doing farely well if I may say so myself. definitely after lets see. I'd say 3 or 4 years!!!!
  8. I most definitely am. But I am also hindered from getting where I want to go
  9. lol I am trying to stay active and gaming and forums is pretty much my life so this is what I do all day everyday. thanks.
  10. Lets do some gaming!!!!!!!!!

  11. YEAH!!!!! Thanks. I wasn't expecting him to actually look at it lol. you should join the channel I am usually in lol they are really fun will do!! Thanks Thank you sir. I hope I am able to become apart of this great gaming community.
  12. online and gaming!!!!!!!! wanna join?

  13. There is going to be a community team from vVv at Anaheim. I read it somewhere just a couple days ago lol. Though I cannot seem to remember where.
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