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  1. Goldayy

    Damn I miss the old people from the guild!

    I know exactly what you mean. I've been coming here every now and then not signed in or anything, just looking for a reason to come back and play. I completely agree with everything you said, I do miss it, It was good. Ever since I left, I didn't really say anything to anyone because of personal reasons with stuff I had to deal with that I knew would take alot of my time with, but now that I've sorted everything out, I'm sitting here like, is there a point coming back? Will the people I use to love playing with play?
  2. Goldayy

    Character Preference

    Riven, boom counter. Got Q and W for CC and E to dodge your CC.
  3. Content is one of the best feelings IMO.

    1. Daviepants


      Until you face a Teemo xD

  4. Goldayy

    Character Preference

    i dun.
  5. Goldayy

    Character Preference

    Well, I personally have several "mains".. Top- Riven, Darius, Volibear Jungle- Warwick, Jarvan IV, Volibear & Hecarim Every other role- NOONE, I DON'T PLAY ANY OTHER ROLE! It really depends on what type of champ you enjoy the most playing aswell as role.
  6. Sometimes I'm tempted to quit my job... MHM.

  7. Goldayy

    Voting for MVP in ADL's

    Am I the only one that read this post aggressively?
  8. Rather pumped for S5, fresh beginning! :D

  9. Goldayy

    Season 5 goals.

    Ranked- Gold. Overall- Just improve as a player, there is still SO much that I need to learn, hopefully by the end of season 5 I will have learned half/most of it. I'm looking forward to this season very much, it'll be "in a sense" a fresh start for myself to improve and get better at Top lane & Jungle.
  10. Goldayy

    YAYAYAYAYAYAY... ~! Finally <3

    Congratulations Ahryse!
  11. That's why I have a really good lawyer and bank.
  12. I'm starting to think Kat & Riven have something going on...!
  13. OMG! Angel Riven!!!! NEXT SKIN! COMMON RITO