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    Archeage, Dead Space, Dante's Inferno, Rift, Leisure Suit Larry, Viva Pinata Pro Circuit
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    Chinese food
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    Princess Bride
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    Two Chain, but I got me a few on.
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    Gaming, concept art creation, 3D modeling/animation, music composition, James Van Der Beek, smiling, Christmas Eve hype, hoodrat stuff, PvP
  1. Horror

    Evolution of Community Game Nights

    I like this idea because it gives people at least a rough idea of who they have the opportunity to play with or against. I think this would be a good alternative to individual ranks, but that's just my opinion. I definitely prefer the structured tournaments myself, but if we had a night of individual drafting, it would allow the community to get to know each other and play together rather than just a channel hop and "is your team ready to go?". Not only that, but it gives the opportunity for those players who do not have a team to compete, and for the community to grow from players who cannot bring in two other people per tournament night.
  2. Horror

    MMO Application: Horror (ArcheAge)

    That means a lot, Viva! It was a great interview, I learned quite a bit from it.
  3. Horror

    H-Hey >.>;;

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay, and don't let Tahvvy scare you off!
  4. Horror

    MMO Application: Horror (ArcheAge)

    Haha fair enough I'm the lead PvP officer of the guild. I'm in charge (starting Sunday) of events and pvp situations. I'm a decent raid leader when it comes to pvp, but everyone gives me more credit than I deserve. I still have a lot to improve on, but we're making a lot of changes tomorrow with the way events are set up, so I will be able to get more practice in!
  5. Horror


    WHAT?! Damn dude, that sucks, we're going to miss you but we'll keep your spot warm while you're away.
  6. Horror

    5v5 team

    Unfortunately it's getting to the point a Hasla weapon is pretty standard. I wish I didn't have to get mine, but now that I have it, I can see it makes a world of difference.
  7. Horror


    Welcome! There are plenty of late nighters in the archeage community, I think you'll be happy knowing you're definitely not the only one staying up until 3:00 AM to finish a dungeon.
  8. Horror

    New to vVv for Archeage? Click Here!

    Welcome everyone! Over the last few weeks I've gotten to know a lot of you and I am loving our community.
  9. Horror

    ArcheAge Mumble Chat Quotes

    You forgot the "OH MY GOD" before "IT'S SHOOTING!!" AAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA, top ten moments in mumble history right there.
  10. Horror

    MMO Application: Horror (ArcheAge)

    Thank you everyone, I appreciate all the feedback.
  11. Horror

    MMO Application: Chibigoat

    Oh boy, it's time to dust off this application, it's starting to get lost. Chibi's been one of the hardest working officers right from launch, and his application shouldn't get buried like this. I'm proud to have him along with me as a pvp officer.
  12. Horror

    MMO Application: Nipper

    Nipper is definitely a team player and great at running the radar for our galleon.
  13. Horror

    MMO Application: ShmemSolid

    Oh boy, what can I say about Thatguy? He's definitely dedicated, and he's taken up some of the hardest tasks in archeage, such as being our Handicrafter and a healer. From time to time he just needs to make sure he's wearing his diaper though.
  14. Horror

    MMO Application: Devincean

    You're very welcome, I love haunting dreams. Devincean is definitely dedicated to the guild, he's done a lot more work that most people have without needing to be asked. I agree with Jerry, the guild is much better because he's here.
  15. Horror

    AA MMO Application: Plisken

    Spend quite a lot of time with Plisken, he's a great guy to hang out with late night. He definitely keeps people entertained.