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    Archeage, Dead Space, Dante's Inferno, Rift, Leisure Suit Larry, Viva Pinata Pro Circuit
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    Chinese food
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    Princess Bride
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    Two Chain, but I got me a few on.
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    Gaming, concept art creation, 3D modeling/animation, music composition, James Van Der Beek, smiling, Christmas Eve hype, hoodrat stuff, PvP
  1. Ready to get back into ArcheAge!

  2. Horror

    My vVv Story - Part 1

    Great post and very inspiring. I'm actually recovering from a somewhat similar situation in which I was charged (later to be dropped) for a DUI for driving on Adderall, which I've been prescribed for most of my life. I even had to take the courses you mentioned and be evaluated; it's crazy how much it costs to be innocent. Also excited to read the rest.