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  1. thanks based lucian

  2. striving to be my best

  3. DrgnBrn

    Blue Build or Normal AD

    Thanks for the insight guys
  4. DrgnBrn

    DrgnBrn's application

    Thanks guys I will definitely be very active and I'll hit up aero and sugarbear soon,I've already talked to sundown some
  5. Working on being a better ADC

  6. DrgnBrn

    Blue Build or Normal AD

    in yall's opinion is the blue build on Ezreal better than the standard ADC build
  7. DrgnBrn

    Five Pillars of vVv Gaming

    Good to know for anybody new to vVv and will help with interviews
  8. Can't wait for League tonight

  9. DrgnBrn

    Keykat's Application

    Welcome and hope your process goes quickly it's a great community
  10. DrgnBrn

    Fresh Meat

    Welcome man always good to have new people , I dont play CoD anymore but nevertheless welcome to vVv
  11. DrgnBrn

    New kid on the block

    Welcome man I think I know you from somewhere hopefully like me you end up loving this community
  12. DrgnBrn

    DrgnBrn's application

    Name: Bailey Wells Age: 18 Location: Loganville, Ga Summoner Name: DrgnBrn current division in ranked: None how long have you been playing ranked: Never What was my rank at the start of last season: None what was my rank at the end of last season: None have I ever been banned: yes, because I had to leave due to family emergency what is my favorite champ and role: Lucian, and AD Carry How did I hear about vVv Gaming: I watched the challenger series and knew that vVv had a team and a community Who do I currently know in vVv: no one but I hope to get to know lots of great people Why do I want to join vVv: to get better at League and to meet lots of great people My hobbies and interests outside of gaming: baseball, computers and going to church Tournament experience: none on League National event attendance: None at the moment what do I hope to achieve this season: I hope to at least get into silver before the end of season 4 and then hit gold in season 5 am I interested in finding a ranked 5s team: yes when I hit lvl 30 I do seriousness ?: Serious Goals for a ranked team: Progression and self improvement when can I be availiable for practice: in the afternoons and everyday im on except sunday and wednesday do I have interest in shot calling, analysis, or team captain: at the moment no but when I get more experience yes
  13. the lonely solo qeue ADC life/ no support

  14. DrgnBrn

    New guy on the block

    thanks guys, where did you get the sick signature dark
  15. Applied to manage LoL